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TOPGRILLZ Diamond Grills 18K Gold Plated Fully Iced Out CZ Vampire Top and Bottom Face Mouth Grillz for Your Teeth Men Women with Extra Molding Bars

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What You Need To Know About 18k Gold Plated Grillz:

With all deez holidayz around the corner, isn’t it time you treat yourself to some gold plated grillz for that wonderfully pretty smile of yours?

18k Gold Plated Grillz 1

Let’s cut right to the chase: you deserve better. You deserve more.

You have earned the prettiest smile in all the land. So how can you achieve that goal?

Easy, Bro: Top & Bottom Diamond Grillz For Your Face Hole

18k Gold Plated Grillz 2

There are 6.37 million reasons to buy these cubic zirconia grill sets, but we’ll give you just a few. Too many would split your wig piece wide open, and we don’t want that.

18k Gold Plated Grillz 3

Christmas: Imagine showing up at your Uncle Ted’s with these diamond looking tooth covers in. Dude would be wylin’ out for sure. He might even be so impressed that he decides that $25 gift card to Kohl’s is not nearly enough. He may recognize that he is in the presence of greatness. At that point, guess what? You’re walking away with both a $25 gift card and a collector’s tin of kettle corn featuring Garfield on the front of it. SCORE!

18k Gold Plated Grillz 4

New Year’s: Oh, your buddy is having a New Year’s Eve party? Wow! That sounds like the lamest thing on planet earth. KICK IT UP A NOTCH by wearing these gorgeous little smile covers so that everyone you see that night knows, not only do you mean business, but that 2020 is going to be a year filled with “straight wylin’” and also “ballin’ out of control” for you. Now that’s legit.

18k Gold Plated Grillz 5

Easter. Screw that boring old spiral ham and carrot side dish. We’re talking a friggin’ bunny who can talk. Think he wants anything less than the best? He doesn’t. That’s why you need to bring the celebration by creeping up to your local Easter celebration in these shining, diamond molar enhancers.

No more playing second fiddle to the rest of the world. Sure, every holiday has some lame mascot, but guess what? Father Time is a ticking – and they’re on their way out.

  • Cupid? Bye-bye. 
  • St. Patrick? Nope.
  • Uncle Sam? Get out of here.

You’re the new holiday superhero and beyond.

Sport The Top 18k Gold-plated Grillz, Get The Accolades.

The bonus? You don’t have to wait for a stuffy old corporate holiday. Wear these high-quality beasts whenever you want.

rainbow colored grillz
18k Gold Plated Grillz 6

They’ll fit. Their one size fits all. Deez Grillz fits the top teeth AND the bottom.

Plus you get two pairs just in case something awesomely crazy happens to the first.

Be amazing, be shiny.

18k Gold Plated Grillz 7

Be the top Grillz all-star you’ve always wanted to be.

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