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What You Need To Know About Toilet Golf:

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Oh, look who it is! Mr. “I’m too good to practice mini-golfing while I’m on the highway during rush hour traffic.”

Mr. “I can’t be bothered figuring out how to get better at mini-golf in aisle three of the grocery store on a Sunday morning after church.”

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Mr. “I would never be seen trying to make my mini-golf swing perfect while I’m giving my wife a toast during our wedding anniversary brunch.”

Good god, man.

What’s with you?

What’s wrong with you?

When will you find the time to make mini-golf the priority it should be in your life?

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Toilet Golf 1

Well, thank your lucky stars – we’ve found the time for you, good sir.

Introducing the latest rage in entertainment, the "On the go" mini-golf game, the ultimate bathroom entertainment! The Toilet Golf Game!

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Are you tired of scrolling through social media while you’re on the toilet?

Well, look no further, because now you can practice your putting skills and improve your golf game while you’re taking care of business!
Toilet Golf 3

The on-the-go toilet golf set has everything you need to transform your toilet into a lean, mean putting green.

Simply place the green mat around your toilet bowl, grab your putter, and get ready to sink some holes!

The toilet golf set includes a miniature putter, a golf ball, and even a flagstick to create an authentic golf experience.

The on-the-go toilet golf is perfect for golf enthusiasts who never want to miss an opportunity to practice their swing.

But it’s not just for serious golfers – it’s also a hilarious gift for anyone who enjoys a good laugh. Imagine surprising your friends with a game of mini-golf in the bathroom! It’s guaranteed to be a hole-in-one with the whole crowd.

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But the On the go mini-golf game is more than just a game – it’s a workout for your abs!

That’s right, the act of crouching down to take your swing will give you an intense core workout.

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Who needs a gym membership when you can work on your fitness while you’re answering nature’s call?

And if you’re worried about the awesomeness of your On the go set, don’t be! It is so awesome you’ll want to use this bad boy on the go every time you go.

Toilet Golf 7
So what are you waiting for?

Turn your bathroom into a golf course with the on the go mini-golf game!

It’s a great way to pass the time and have fun while doing your business. Just remember to shout “Fore!” before you take your shot, especially when taking a number two.

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Never again worry about getting a rusty swing from lack of practice or missing too many birds when entering the 18th cup. You can now enjoy golfing anywhere – literally anywhere! Toilet Golf provides hours of pleasure and fun for golfers, who can now get the full experience of playing at any moment.

So what are you waiting for? Give yourself a tough challenge and reach an even higher level of skill with every trip to the loo! With Toilet Golf, it’s easy to store and transport, and you will surely be hitting golf ball shots like a pro in no time. Believe us when we say it – there’s no escape from learning how to become a master golfer…even while going to #2.

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