Coffee Table Drink Cooler

Have you been looking for something to take your parties to the next level? Something that has everything you need in one place? Something that will make your friends overwhelmingly jealous? This coffee table and drink cooler combo can offer all of that and more, including a glimpse into the future of casual entertaining. This is the focal point your living room has been waiting for.

One Gadget to Rule Them All

The coffee table drinks cooler stores everything you could need during a party or movie night. It features two storage drawers in addition to the spacious refrigerator section. So you’ll never have to walk to the kitchen for a drink. Even better, you can charge your laptop and phone, meaning you literally never have to leave your couch.

Not only is it extremely helpful, but you also won’t have to plan any annoying party games. You’ll be too busy showing off the features to your friends. You’ll spend at least an hour changing the color of the LED lights and turning the volume up and down. Anything to play with the tempered glass control panel on the table top. You can live out your all your fantasies of being a Cary Grant-style bachelor for the modern age.

Other features include…

Adjustable LED lighting, USB ports, various refrigerator temperatures, a cooler large enough to fit a case of beer, and so much more!