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Nanoleaf Canvas WiFi Smart RGB 16M+ Color LED Dimmable Gaming and Home Decor Wall Lights Starter Kit (9 Panels)

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What You Need To Know About Color-Changing Light Panels:

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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, people of all ages!

May we introduce you to…the future! A future that is bright, bold, beautiful – and stunningly within reach today!
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Color-Changing Light Panels 1

My name is Buster C. Lightbulb and I am here to introduce you to a product that will change your life.

The Color Changing Light Panels, The Nanoleaf Canvas.

What could it be?” you may be wondering. “Is it outrageously expensive?” you may ask. “Could someone such as myself even approach the wonder of what you are about to layeth upon us?

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Damn straight, dude. It’s officially official, and it’s going to make your space look like a spaceship, rocketship, art deco design firm and the heavens themselves all got together to make magic.

The Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit will transform your abysmal dungeon into a location of infinite possibilities.

Create any design you want with the light squares – from a whale to a skyscraper to an outline of yourself.

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If you can dream it, Nanoleaf Canvas can make that happen.

Now here’s the big news, my illuminated friend: it lights up.
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Different shades of color can be programmed to look incredible alone or as part of a larger installation.
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Watch the magic bounce along to the music you play!

Watch the mirror effect!

Bask in the glory of interior design like you have never seen or experienced before!

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Now, Mr. Lightbulb,” you might be saying, “You must be on silly pills! There’s no way these Nanoleaf Canvas panels can do all of this!

That’s where you’re wrong, my still living in the dark ages dude.

You see, I come from a long line of Lightbulbs. My great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather was actually in the room when the candle was invented.

My great, great, great grandfather saw the invention of the lightbulb. My uncle once even used a flashlight.

Color-Changing Light Panels 4
wow emoji

I know illumination – and the Nanoleaf Canvas is the best of them all. Not just colorful…extraordinary!

Use the light panels in the bathroom to make a wall feel like you’re underwater. Or use them in the bedroom to make it feel like a swanky hotel.

You could even put them in your office to let people know you’re ultra-modern, sophisticated and come with a dash of debonair.

Color-Changing Light Panels 7

Do you think it’s important to have a personal style when it comes to interior design? I’d say so!

Everything you need is already in the box. The light squares, the controller, the mounting tape, instructions and more.

The only bright idea left is for you to order one, before I, Mr. Buster C. Lightbulb decide to order them all and install them on the moon to make a second sun!

Color-Changing Light Panels 9
Is this a bright idea? I’d say so!

The choice is yours. Don’t be basic, blending boring walls and boring pictures in with each other. It’s time you stand out.

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thumbs up.

And if the colors aren’t enough, the built-in Rhythm Module will bring your favorite songs to life with a stunning audiovisual lightshow display. 

Imagine the parties you could throw. You would finally be the coolest kid on the block. 

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