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Ship Your Friends an Embarrassing Box Prank: MicroP***sCure. We Mail Your Target a Hilariously Labeled Package to Make Them Cringe. Great Gag Gift & Practical Joke. Guaranteed to Mortify & Offend!

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What You Need To Know About Embarrassing Mail Prank:

Embarrassing Mail Prank 1

Time to kick up your embarrassing mail prank game a notch, compliments of the United States Postal Service.

Let’s say, in theory, you’ve got a friend who needs to be put in their place.

Very surprised emoji

Imagine a world where you’d be able to send them a fraudulent gift right to their mailbox that looked real, but in fact was just a facade designed to make them giggle, laugh and realize that they have been owned.

Enter: The Embarrassing Box Prank You Can Mail To Your Unfortunate Friends.

A wonderfully hilarious prank box with labels such as:

Embarrassing Mail Prank 2

Micro Penis Cure

Vaginal Odor Helper

And the devilishly terrific “Big Ass Dildo.”

Embarrassing Mail Prank 3

Imagine the look on the face of the unsuspecting receiver as they receive the package. Horror, delight, excitement, fear.

All of the emotions packed tightly in one shipment.

Here’s the beauty of the prank mail package shipment in three simple steps:

define awesome shhh quiet emoji

Step 1: You pick who you want the package sent to.

teeth emoji by define awesome

Step 2: It’s sent to the receiver, and you can even have the mailman require a signature.

laughing emoji by define awesome

Step 3: The person who receives it will be forced to deal with the judgmental glances of those who have seen their shipment. Even better? If the person receiving it is not the person it was meant for. Such as, for example, a significant other of sorts.

Embarrassing Mail Prank 4
Embarrassing Mail Prank 5

Does it get any better than this?

Embarrassing Mail Prank 6

We submit that yes, it does.

Why? That’s easy: because now you have waged a war. A prank war that will pay off in potentially neverending entertainment.

Will the person you pranked know you initiated this prank war and send a gag back to you?

Embarrassing Mail Prank 7

Will the person you pranked love the gag so much that they will cry tears of joy, jolting their body and life back into feeling human again?

Can you change one person’s life so much from one simple gift?

We’d like to think yes. For Sure.

meh emoji by define awesome

Say goodbye to boring gifts, boring pranks and lazy days.

Light up your life and the lives of those around you by committing to sending at least one Big Ass Dildo, Micro Penis Cure or Vaginal Odor Helper mail prank package this week.

Will you commit?

Will you have the discipline to be amazing?

The choice is yours, our mail prank-loving friend. And you better make the smart move here.

Embarrassing Mail Prank 8

Say it with us now: NO MORE BORING LIFE!

Wow! You really are ready to make a change! A change for the better. Good for you, bro.

Just imagine a life where Micro Penis Cure prank mailers are in every mailbox. Now that’s a world we want to life in.

Here are just a few recipients you might consider should receive this prank mail gift:

  • Your 8th-grade gym teacher
  • The cashier at your grocery store
  • Your Great Aunt Mildred
  • Frank, the guy who bought you a beer a couple of years ago at that bar you can’t remember the name of
  • Your local florist
  • Your real bro
  • Your friend bro
  • Your bro’s bro
  • A lady
  • Your sister
  • A co-worker
  • Somebody else’s co-worker
  • Not a cop
  • Probably not someone who works for the FBI

The limitless prank nature of the Embarrassing Mail Prank Box is here.

Will you live the life of a mail prank god, or simply fade away?

The choice is yours.

Don’t Fade Away. Commit today.

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