Old Asian Man for Your Wall

Does your wall look as boring as people who Instagram their food?

Are your walls filled with posters from your high school from bands who don’t even play music anymore?

If you’re looking to spruce up your wall with color and life then look no further than this wall sticker of an old Asian man.

Old Asian Man for Your Wall 1

This isn’t the type of Asian man you’d expect to find in a Korean pop group. This also isn’t the type of handsome Asian man you’ll find in Chinese Wuxia movies. Nor is it the “supreme leader” of N. Korea.

No, this is the kind of Asian man you’d find every day on the streets of Tokyo who took a salaryman job right out of college and hasn’t done anything else since.

This is the role model of stagnation you want to strive for every day.

Waking up every morning to see this man staring at you the whole time you were sleeping is the perfect motivation to get your life together. 

Old Asian Man for Your Wall 2

This easy to install, high-quality semi-gloss vinyl of the most exciting Asian man you’ll ever see in your life is also a new friend!

Who needs anything else, let’s be real. When you have this 48” masterpiece of sculpted, full-color, flat art wallpaper of an Asian man, just imagine what you could do!

Old Asian Man for Your Wall 3

Talk. You could talk to the man, he listens and doesn’t argue.

Old Asian Man for Your Wall 4

People Watch. You could always have an extra one around, so you can stick it on random walls in places you go and watch how people react.

Old Asian Man for Your Wall 5

Sleep. You can have this Asian man on your bedroom wall, watching over you as you sleep to ensure you’re safe.

Old Asian Man for Your Wall 6

Laugh. You can laugh at the real-life size old Asian man sticker and create joy for all around you as others laugh at the guy, and he doesn’t even care, ever!

You can do anything you set your mind to.

Because you’re a genius and an all-around awesome person who has an old Asian man wall sticker.