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Spirit Halloween 2 Ft Talking Chucky Doll Decoration | Officially Licensed…

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What You Need To Know About The Talking Chucky Doll:

The talking Chucky doll is hands-down the perfect gift for any fan who has been looking to add to their horror movie memorabilia collection. 

The Talking Chucky Doll 1

Or anyone who enjoys deadly dolls in their home. 

Based on the original 1988 horror movies, you can own this terrifying little doll of the leading man himself, Chucky. 

Any horror movie fanatic needs this terrifying creature in their collection to become part of the cult of Chucky with the overly realistic doll.

With 9 iconic sayings, this talking Chucky Doll will have you regretting you ever ordered it

talking chucky doll

From his friendly greeting of “Hi! I’m Chucky, and I wouldn’t talk if I were you“…

…To his more conversational slogan of “And if you know what’s good for you, you are going to love, honor, and obey!” 

Even better, his little knife filled hand will move at you while speaking to you.

You can now have Chucky talk, move and haunt your home as you’ve always imagined, or, worse, feared…

Oh no, are you sure you want this gift? Everyone knows about the iconic 1988 Child’s Play horror movie by now. If you don’t (really, are you sure?), then let’s give you the quick rundown:

The Terrifying Story of The Talking Chucky Doll

The Talking Chucky Doll 2

Crazed serial killer Charles Lee Ray is close to death after a run-in with a homicide detective. With little choice left, he transfers his soul into the iconic talking Chucky doll and begins his fun-sized rampage (it’s not fun, at all. nope). 

If you want to be scared out of your pants by a creepy, serial killer doll, then the Talking Chucky doll is right up your alley, just be sure you’re not in an alley alone with him. He has all the right details, from the scars to the red hair, even down to his iconic knife. He’s ready to slice and dice, and he even moves his knife hand around when he speaks. 

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Did we mention he even says nine of his most famous sayings? It’s like having the real Chucky in your hands. He threatens you, let’s you know who’s the boss, and even swings that blade around to let you know he’s dangerous.

Chucky inspired a whole horror franchise and it’s easy to see why. He’s creepy, scary, and makes you feel uneasy. To top it all off, he knows how to make your hair stand on end. 

Aside from the talking and the cute, accurate clothes for the Chucky doll, you’ll love all the other small details included here. The scars all over his face, the red and swollen eye, and even the cuts near the hand will be familiar to those who love this franchise. Take a good look and you’ll even see bloodstains and scrapes all over Chucky’s overalls. Is this his blood, or from one of his victims? Only you’ll be able to tell. 

This doll requires 3 AA batteries and he’s about 24 inches tall when standing. You’ll notice him wherever you place him, and he looks like he’s right out of the movie. Who knows, he might even start moving on his own. 

If you want a piece of horror history, a famed serial killer from the movies, then this talking Chucky doll is exactly what you need. It’s a great gift for yourself or anyone else who loves this franchise. 

Some of the best talking Chucky doll features are: 

1. The doll stands about 24 inches tall, ensuring you will, without a doubt, notice him from across the room

2. The doll comes with iconic details like the knife, scars, overalls, and bloodstains, which all look freakishly real

3. This scary talking doll says nine famous lines that Chucky is known for

4. The creep moves his knife while speaking 

4. It’s the perfect gift for any oddball who loves living a life of pure fear

Chucky is one of the most popular horror villains in history. It’s easy to see why. Dolls are creepy on their own, and you know this one means business. Buy this today and be scared out of your pants whenever you see this doll. It’s a great gift for yourself or others. 

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