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Daily Portable Tiny Finger Hands- Rock Paper Scissors 6 Pack – Little Finger Puppets, Mini Rubber Rock, Paper Scissors, Miniature Small Hand Puppet Prank from Tiktok – 2 of Each Finger Hands

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What You Need To Know About Finger Hands:

I Declare a Thumb War

We all know the saying: never bring a thumb to a hand war. Now you can dominate every thumb war with your very own tiny hand vinyl finger puppets. No longer will you have to sit there in shame, staring at your ridiculous digits that end in a stump. These finger puppets fit snugly, so you don’t need to worry about any mid-war slippage ruining your winning streak.

5 Convenient ways to Maximize Your Potential

1. Finally, you can have the power of 25 fingers in the compact package of one just one hand.

2. Want to give someone the finger? How about giving them five! Just imagine what you can do when you free up four fingers on each hand.

3. Live the future with these soft vinyl finger puppets. Wave hello to your grandma, slap five with your buds, and dominate a thumb war all at the same time, all with one hand.

4. Scratch five itches at once. Plus, now you have another entirely free hand, also adorned in these vinyl finger puppets.

5. Freak out your friend who took one too many bites of that tasting brownie. The possibilities are endless when you up your hand game with tiny hands vinyl finger puppets.

I Declare an Alien Invasion

All this before we even mention alien invasion! What do vinyl finger puppets have to do with alien invasions, you ask? Think about it.

You arrive on a new planet full of lesser life forms that all seem to blend together. One of those life forms appears to be slightly more advanced, but how do you identify the strongest amongst them?

Do you communicate with any one of their thousands of “leaders,” all with a mere ten digits on their hands, or do you talk to the international thumb war champion who sports a full fifty digits?

I think the choice is obvious, don’t you? Don’t wait until the spaceships are already here. Get your tiny hand vinyl finger puppets today. Turn your fingers into hands and maximize your potential in every aspect of life with these tiny hand vinyl finger puppets!

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