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NAYOYA Back Hook Massager – Patented Full Body Personal Handheld Self Massage Tool for Myofascial Release of Knots and Aches- Deep Tissue Triggerpoint Therapy

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What You Need To Know About The Personal Massage Hook:

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So many massage hooks, so little time.

Unfortunately, most of the hooks you and I are familiar with are the boring ones.

1. The Fishing Hook.

Yeah, cool. You put it on a string and let it dangle in the water with an old worm on it.

Gross, dude.

Nobody wants that old worm, not even the puffer fish gliding by who hasn’t eaten in six months. Even he’d rather gnaw on some coral.

2. The Coat Hook

Oh, wow! A hook you can put on the wall that holds coats! Amazing!

What’s that, you say?

It can also hold a hat?!

What kind of magic must you know! Right?! Right?!

Wrong. Nobody cares about a coat hook. Just hang your jacket on a doorknob like you have some sort of common sense, would you?

3. The “Variety Show” Hook

You know the hook that comes from side stage and yanks the bad magician, comedian or juggler from stage during a talent show?

Sure it’s saved us many hours of painful entertainment, but, really – how often do you need to yank bad entertainment from your daily life?

Pretty much never. Pointless.

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While we all sat back and ignored the potential of the hook, the Nayoya Back Massage Hook was being developed deep in the recesses of Brilliance Industries, LLC.

Fortunately for us, they realized that neither hooks nor massages didn’t have to be lame.

The Nayoya Back Massage Hook is a hook for us to celebrate!

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Check out how they describe it:

“It’s a patented full body personal handheld self massage tool for release of knots and aches with deep tissue trigger point therapy.”

The Nayoya Back Massage Hook removes the need for you to go to some weirdo masseuse who wants you to derobe and rub you down like some kind of day old beef.

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Now, you can release the tension in your back on your own.

Take that sitting in a chair too long!


Take that achy back from poor posture!


Take that knots from sleeping wrong!


It’s the catchphrase that’s sweeping the nation: Nayoya!

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Gone are the days of you trying to sweet talk your partner into kneading your back like a ball of dough on the counter of a pizzeria in Little Italy.

“Honey, do you know what would be so nice right now? No, not us actually enjoying our time together, but you, rubbing those ape-like knuckles into my delicate back until I yell at you for being too rough and ultimately only hurting my back more.”

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Stop wasting time…your partner wants nothing to do with your back. You can now fix it yourself…and better than they could!


The patented back massage hook that will make you feel like you’re living the dream.

Only this dream is when you’re awake…and it’s with…Nayoya!

…the king of hooks has arrived!


Don’t Wait, Give yourself a full body massage from the comfort of your own home today.

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No more having to strip down for a masseuse…

This hook-shaped self massager is designed to reach every crevice of your achy body and is easy for anyone to use.

The Personal Massage Hook 3

Make your massage experience easy, convenient, and specialized to you with the hook-shaped massager.

Depending what ridiculous way you hold this gadget, the hooks are shaped to reach your aches and pains.

Whether you need a personal foot rub or your back is full of knots, the bumps and curves of this massager will easily reach where you need.

You choose which of the nine specially placed knobs will work best, grab on, and start your massage!

The patented shape allows you to easily control the pressure applied to the muscles as well. So, there’s no over-kneading of the body. Leave behind the foam rollers, pre-programmed chairs, and tennis balls – Nayoya!

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