The Do Me A Favor Notepad

You’re a Boss. A Boss With a Notepad.

Maybe not the sort of boss Seth Rogan is in this video…

The Do Me A Favor Notepad 1

Maybe not even the type of boss who dictates to an entire office of subordinates that they need to tie your shoes, groom your hair, and file your nails.

But a boss nonetheless.

A boss who knows they need to be a little bit more approachable in the way they demand the things they need to have done for them.

Being gracious is your biggest asset. Because that’s how you get your servants to do your bidding.

The Do Me a Favor checklist memo pad sends a message to your underlings that business needs to happen, and it needs to happen fast.

However, you’re doing it in a truly awesome, gentle, humorous way.

Here’s an example: You need one of the people around you to handle making copies of a presentation for you, collating them and making sure they are on your desk by 10 am.

In the old days, maybe you’d have a cigarette hanging from your lips. A scotch in your hand. You’d scream at the top of your lungs: “I NEED COPIES FROM ONE OF YOU FREAKS.”

The Do Me A Favor Notepad 2

Turns out, in 2019, that’s not the most fabulous way to deal with people.

Now, you put out this handy little Do Me a Favor memo pad. You write down what you “Would be very grateful” for this, the smallest of favors.

You can even toss in some nonsense compliment, so the person on the receiving end of this feel good about themselves.

You secretly leave it on their desk. The person sees it, smiles to themselves, and completes your project on time, and correctly, all the while thinking, “What a kind, humorous person my boss is!”

So you get what you need without screaming at the top of your lungs, and your people think you’re the kindest, most “with it” boss ever.

Nicely done.

The Do Me A Favor Notepad 3

Now you can even use the memo pad to take care of business everywhere.

Imagine getting what you need to be done at the house.

Back in the day, it would be slogging through the morning trying to get your partner to do any sort of something for you, while you lay in bed half hungover from those tropical island Sea Breeze drinks that were probably made of corn mash liquor, but hey, they were only $2.

But now, you could cleverly leave a note on your partners’ pillow, fancifully asking for anything.

Even a pleasant good morning rendezvous under the sheets.

Righteous, bro. Righteous. You nasty (and we like it).

We’ve learned the world works better when you suggest things rather than demand them.

The Do Me a Favor checklist memo pad. Get work done in your office, at your home, and anywhere you need to let your freak flag fly.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee your freak flag will necessarily fly, but we can guarantee by using the Do Me a Favor checklist memo pad, you’ll be in a better position to get what you need when you need it. Nice. You deserve it, you good looking so and so.

The Do Me A Favor Notepad 4

“It wasn’t until I discovered the do-me-a-favor checklist that I truly became a boss. A respected boss. Hence, I wrote a whole song called “Like a Boss”. I sang it too! Go check it out on Spotify, Apple Music and all that. Like and follow me too!”

-Rick Ross The Checklist BOSS