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What You Need To Know About The Retractable Umbrella Backpack:

Ever heard of Baxter Umbrella?

Not to spoil the story, but let’s get right to it: he’s the inventor of the umbrella backpack.

But do you know why he invented the umbrella? Let’s take a journey back to the monumental year of 1837.

The Retractable Umbrella Backpack 1

Baxter had a passion for taking photographs. Back then the hobby was called, “ye olde life capture.”

As a seasoned ye olde life capturer, Baxter pushed himself to the limit.

He was well versed in basic photos: friends, family, cityscapes, animals, puddles, saloons.

What Baxter had never done before, was taking photos in the wild.

Nature was calling, and if phones existed in 1837, you can bet he would have picked up the phone.

Also, speaking of nature calling, Baxter was somebody who needed to keep all of his camera equipment in one place, because he had to go to the bathroom pretty often. And he didn’t like being disorganized.

So he sat down. While sitting, he simultaneously pondered and considered how to organize his beloved photography equipment.

Back in the 1800s, camera equipment weighed a few hundred pounds and consisted of like a million (or even a bajillion) pieces.

But what to do should the weather call for rain? He couldn’t risk being outside with thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment (thousands of dollars back then would be about $5.2 trillion dollars now).

That was easy. Mr. Umbrella had crafted a gorgeous, premium backpack that he could easily affix to his back. But, there was something missing…

The Retractable Umbrella Backpack 2

Dazed and confused, he sat again. He thought. He meditated. His mind explored the vastness of the universe – and an idea came to him.

The Retractable Umbrella Backpack 3

“A CANOPY!” he shouted. “A CANOPY ON A STICK!”

It was then he realized his life’s purpose. He got right to work and built the first-ever waterproof backpack umbrella combo device. Behold:

The Retractable Umbrella Backpack 4
The Retractable Umbrella Backpack 5

It was glorious.

He was able to stay dry, without having to even hold the canopy, because it was cleverly built into the premium backpack.

The Retractable Umbrella Backpack 6

He was able to take all of the photos he ever dreamed of. His favorite being one of a leaf…or something like that. Maybe a stick. Who knows.

Point is: the umbrella backpack lives on.

Sure, it’s been modified for well over a hundred years. And on top of that, he forgot to patent the idea. But the name of Baxter Umbrella lives on in every outdoor photographer to this very day.

If you’re a photographer, and you don’t like getting yourself or your camera equipment wet – you already know what we’re about to say next:


With this ingenious, historical invention, you can become the most famous life capturer of all time.

The Umbrella Backpack Features:

Other than this camera backpack being awesome and rugged, it’s also:

The Retractable Umbrella Backpack 7
  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • Has 10 pockets
  • Patented Design
  • Built-in USB port
  • Breathable material
  • Fits all your camera parts
  • Good for all weather conditions
  • You can take pictures in the rain
  • It comes with an Anti-theft system.
  • It instantly makes everyone jealous of you
  • It has an umbrella built right in that is also detachable
  • Eliminates the need for sunblock with its UPF 50+ sunshade
  • Push the one-button umbrella system and it’ll fold and close into the backpack automatically

The next time you go off on an adventure to take photography that will live on, give a nod to the godfather of photos in the rain, would you?

The Retractable Umbrella Backpack 8

Thank you, Mr. Umbrella Inventor. Thank you.

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