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Whoopie Cushion[3 Pack] Fun Prank Toys,4″ 7″ 8″ Inches Whoopee Cushion,Novelty Party Toys Favors for Kids,Boys,Girls and Adults

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What You Need To Know About Whoopee Cushions:

guy who uses whoopee cushions

Deep in the caves of the Himalayas lived one of the wisest, most well respected men in the history of civilization.

Arnold Windbreaker, inventor of the Whoopee Cushions.

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Sure, you may think most of the ancient sages and wise men of history lived many centuries ago. Not Arnie.

Good ‘ol Arnold Windbreaker lived in 1920s in rural Kentucky. He spent most of his life living in solitude. 

farting man with whoopee cushion

Here is a brief timeline of prank inventions he created while spending time in the rural Kentuckyan caves:

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Unfortunately, Arnold Windbreaker never did live long enough to see the rise in popularity of his most toiled over invention – now known as the whoopee cushion.

He passed away in the mid-1930’s after attempting to create an exploding version of Arnie’s Windbreaker Bag.

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Now, nearly a century later, we pay tribute to the man, the myth, the legend that is Mr. Arnold Windbreaker…

With a 3-pack of Whoopee Cushions, that will literally blow your mind.

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Can tooting be funny?

You bet your sweet Windbreaker it can.

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girl farting

β€œNo matter how tired I am, I prank someone I know, or someone I don't know at all at least once a day with my Whoopee Cushions. It's hilarious, and not mean at all. You really do need laughter, otherwise, life is just all work and no toots, which really just isn't fun at all. I can't wait until they come out with a whoopee cushion that smells like real toots though, that will really be when the fun begins...”

- Jennifer Lawrence

Great Whoopee Cushions!
Whoopee Cushions 1

I brought these 3 Whoopee cushions for my son because any fart noises is incredibly funny to him. All the other Whoopie cushions had very low ratings so I decided to give these a try. They are all individually packed so I saved some as stocking stuffers for my nephews. They seem to be of good quality as the kids have been hilariously “making people toot” all over the place!

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