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Cascada Luxury 23″x31″ Rectangle Ceiling Mounted 4 Function LED Rain Shower System (Rainfall+Rain Curtain+SPA Misting+Massage) – Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish

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What You Need To Know About The Luxury Shower System:

The Luxury Shower System 1

Love spending money and also showering in a luxury shower system like royalty? 

Well, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised by an item you likely had no idea existed, until this very moment.


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The 2020 Manhattan Luxury Shower System, the Computerized Steam Power Shower Sauna with Jetted jacuzzi Whirlpool Massage Bathtub Spa with Bluetooth & TV

The Luxury Shower System 2

That’s pretty much a ton of words that could more easily be summed up in just one: FANTASTIC.

The Luxury Shower System 3

If you’re used to the standard peasant bathing techniques such as “the shower,” “the bath,” “the sauna,” or even “the steam shower,” hold onto your pores.

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This technologically advanced, state of the art luxury shower system is going to melt your face off (you know, metaphorically speaking of course).

The Luxury Shower System 4

Here are just 3 little-known reasons you want this five-figure luxury power shower thingy.

The Luxury Shower System 5

1. You’ve got something to prove. No better way to let guests know, “I’ve got it and I’m sure as hell going to flaunt it,” than with this friggin thing.

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Whether it’s covering up for a shortfall in the good looks department, or simply to flip the middle finger to the gross idiots in the middle class, this luxury shower system item is going to change your life for the better (if it’s even possible to get better than you’ve already got it).

The Luxury Shower System 6

2. You simply have too much money. Ever get the feeling that you literally couldn’t stuff another thousand dollar bill in your wallet, because it’s simply too full?

Start emptying out some of those bad boys on this fantastic, futuristic bathing temple.

The Luxury Shower System 7

3. You plan on also living in it. Let’s be real here – your house is way too huge. By all accounts, it’s probably the size of a well-sized island.

Why do you need all that space? How about living where you shower. Not only can you shower, but it does a whole bunch of other things too – there are flips and knobs and electronics and whatnot.

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Frankly, it’s nicer than most people’s cars.

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There are truly a thousand reasons to buy this. Honestly, just check out some of these words and phrases, that have to do with how this highly-desirable shower works:

Pedal Drain


Ventilation Fan

12” Android Tv

Fog-Free Mirror

Whirlpool Heater

Whirlpool Bathtub

10-Year Full Warranty

Gorgeous Rainfall Ceiling

Automatic Safety Shut-off

10 Acupuncture Water Jets

Fluorescent Mood Lighting

16 Luxurious Whirlpool Jets

A World-Class Foot Massager

Acupressure Water Massages

Bluetooth, Hands-Free Telephone

Surround Sound Bluetooth & Water-Proof Speakers

Storage Shelves For Hair Products, or whatever else your heart desires

High-Efficiency 5kw Steam Engine (yes, it transforms into a steam room)

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It almost feels as if the angels have descended and made a luxury shower unit.

Now you can have this luxurious shower in your home.

No more second rate bathing.

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This Luxury Shower System will change your life forever.

the luxury shower system

Oh, and it fits nicely into a corner too, so it won’t take up that much room.

The Luxury Shower System 8

Thoughtful design, eh?

Now go forth, and get the shower of your dreams on Amazon today! (free shipping!)

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