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Dr. Sheffield’s Certified Natural Toothpaste (Chocolate) – Great Tasting, Fluoride Free Toothpaste/Freshen Your Breath, Whiten Your Teeth, Reduce Plaque (2-Pack)

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Our Thoughts on Chocolate Toothpaste:

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Listen up chubs, chocolate isn’t just for breakfast anymore.

Now you can have it before breakfast, too.

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Chocolate Toothpaste 1

Hot damn! Are you still dreaming?

Nope, this is as real as it gets. 

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Chocolate toothpaste actually exists

And this tube of sweetness is so good you might just decide to start brushing a few hundred times a day.

Chocolate Toothpaste 2

Besides, if you were dreaming, could you fly? Probably, right?

Go ahead, try to fly. Right now. Concentrate.

Did you do it? No, you didn’t.

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But guess what you did do - you stumbled upon the world’s greatest toothpaste - Chocolate Toothpaste!

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It’s natural, it freshens, it whitens…and IT’S FRIGGIN CHOCOLATE FLAVORED.

Imagine how much better life would be if all of the things you were supposed to do had a little chocolate infused in them, like this brilliant chocolate toothpaste does.

Since you’re a skeptic, you might be asking yourself, “BUT CAN CHOCOLATE TOOTHPASTE ACTUALLY BE GOOD FOR MY TEETH?!?!”

Define Awesome Monacle Emoji
Starry eyed emoji

Oh, it can. It can and it is. (Shout out to Dr. Sheffield!)

Chocolate toothpaste puts the fun back in fundamental oral care.

OK, that didn’t come out as cool as we thought it would…but the toothpaste is awesome nonetheless.
Emoji with his tongue hanging and crazy eyes

Why do you think so many people brag about “waking and baking.” It’s because all anyone wants to do is wake-up and immediately start baking chocolate goodies.

Right? Yes.

Chocolate toothpaste is the answer to your sweet tooth – literally.

Chocolate Toothpaste 3
Define Awesome Tongue Emoji Face

Not only will your teeth look better, feel better and be happy – after one taste of Dr. Sheffield’s Natural Chocolate Toothpaste

But you’ll be treating your toothbrush like a microphone and singing your heart out to “Chocolate Rock” – which is a song you’ll make up the lyrics to.

define awesome laughing emoji
teeth emoji by define awesome

Let’s just say the lyrics should be something like “Hey, chocolate rocks…and now my teeth are clean…yeah, yeah, yeah!


Thank you, Dr. Sheffield & Company.

- Chocolate Toothpaste Enthusiast

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