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CRU DataPort Mouse Jiggler (30200-0100-0011)

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What You Need To Know About The Phantom Keystroker:

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With the advent of computers, keyboards, keystrokers, the internet, and global communication, the world moves at an alarmingly fast pace. Few traditions are remaining from yesteryear that still apply to modern life.

Except for one: screwing with your friends and co-workers.

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That’s right, we’re talking pranks.

Pranks on pranks on pranks.

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Welcome to your introduction of a product that will literally change your life. A product that will energize you via mind, body, and soul. A product that will screw with your pals and make you laugh out loud at their expense as they toil in electronic uncertainty.

Behold, my child. The Phantom Keystroker – Mouse Jiggler

We hope you’re sitting down before you read the following pranktastic details because you could literally faint as your mind swells with ways to maximize the possibilities of this little USB device.

Here’s what to expect when you order it, and a step by step guide on how this ingenious little USB device works:

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You had been looking for a way to get even with your co-worker, friend, or roommate for months now. No matter how hard you tried, they always seemed to be one step ahead of you. That was until the day the mysterious package arrived at your doorstep.

The Phantom KeyStroker arrives at your door.

The delivery person has innocently left the package for you, completely unaware of the technological carnage that is about to be unleashed in the world.

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You open the box. Once you realize that it is the USB prank item you had ordered. Immediately knowing what it could do in the right hands, you quickly looked around shiftily before running off to find a private space where nobody would see what you were about to do next (typically a closet, basement, or under a large piece of furniture). 

You marvel at it, realizing that it is the digital key to winning the prank war on your co-workers, friends, roommates.

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Your eyes begin to grow wide as you consider the fact that YOU COULD PRANK ANYONE WITH A COMPUTER THAT HAS A USB SLOT. “That’s like everybody in the world!” you cackle.

You commence making a list of everyone you will prank. Excitedly you include yourself, only to realize later, you can’t prank the prankster. It’s OK.

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The Phantom Keystroker does what it was created to do: it screws with the mouse strokes. It types random things when the person isn’t expecting it. It randomly puts CAPS LOCKS on and off.

Within seconds of plugging it into their machine (unbeknownst to them), The Phantom KeyStroker came alive and started randomly typing gibberish onto any open window on their system – including emails, chat windows or whatever else happened across its path!

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This resulted in hilarious confusion among those who saw these strange messages appear out of nowhere from somebody they didn’t know; leading them down paths of wild speculation such as aliens being involved somehow or maybe even witchcraft?!

But most importantly: mission accomplished! Your target had finally been pranked by none other than yourself using The Phantom KeyStroker – proving once again that revenge really is sweet when done correctly!

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All the while, you know that the item won’t do any actual harm to the person’s computer; it will only serve to be the award winner for “greatest digital prank in the history of the galaxy.”

The Mouse Jiggling Phantom Keystroker can be used over and over again to cause moments of bliss for you and the prank victim.

There is quite literally nothing better than a traditional prank that meets the digital age, and you are soon to be the proud owner of the gateway to this time-honored tradition with a modern twist.

Put simply, the ThinkGeek Phantom is the perfect way to prank anyone with a computer.

It gives the illusion that their computer is on the fritz without actually hurting it, only cutting the pride of the person using it who will wonder, “Wait, am I a crazy person or am I doing something wrong or what’s going on with this thing?”

When someone gets pranked, everyone wins. The Phantom Keystroker rules all.

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“If it weren’t for the phantom keystroker V2, I would have never discovered the power of controlling another person's computer. It’s crazy how I can just make anyone freak out now with my newly found hacker skillz”

-Elliot Anderson

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