Dry Ice Drink Stirrers

Take your upcoming party to the next level.

Turn your cocktails into a specialty concoction with these dry ice drink stirrers.  Whether you use it for an unforgettable Instagram or making a drink to capture the eye of an onlooker,  you’re sure to impress with these.

These stirring sticks are designed to carry small amounts of dry ice.  The drink stir stick then reacts with the liquid when added to your drink and BOOM; you now have a smoky and sexy concoction. Transforming your cocktail into an attention-grabbing accessory that’s sure to have people buzzing.

Suddenly your home has turned into an in-house Sugar Factory with your goblet inspired drink.

You aren’t limited to just making cocktails fun with these though.  You can get the smokey effect from these drink stirrers with just about any liquid! Bored of your morning routine? Throw one of these drink stirrers into your coffee and make waking up less mortifying.

So don’t continue drinking boring drinks day to day.  Turn your beverage into something extraordinary.

Turn your beverage into something extraordinary.