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IWR1 IMPERATORWORKS Brand Gaming chair, Computer chair for office and home; For triple monitors


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What You Need To Know About The Ultimate Gaming Chair:

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Buckle up and get ready for the gaming chair rig you’ve been dreaming about your entire life.

Yup, your entire life.

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We know you sit there on your uncomfortable gaming chair.

It’s stained from years of hard seltzer spillage.

There are chip crumbs in every possible orifice.

The arms of your couch look like they’ve been mangled by an agitated cat with an attitude problem.

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Once last week you flipped over in the chair when going WAY to hard in a racing game and you cracked the whole frame.

Now your “awesome gaming chair” looks more like a pile of lumber that’s been covered in a death blanket.

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No more, my dude. It’s time to up your Gaming Chair game.

Whether you just need to upgrade your well-past-its-prime gaming setup or you actually need a chair to work from that’s comfortable because you’ve got a bad back (probably from receiving too many hard pats on the back for being amazing), we’d like to introduce you to the item that will change your life forever:


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Hot damn this thing is gorgeous!

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It looks straight out of Star Trek with the caveat that it’s actually really.

Like futuristic real.

Like futuristic real with a ridiculously high quality everything.

When you lay awake and night and play pretend engineer in your mind, dreaming about what a dream gaming chair would look like, this is 100% what you dream about.

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It’s comfortable, classy and insanely useful.
This is the type of gaming chair, that if it were in a wrestling match with another “average” gaming chair would pick it up, give it a piledriver and send it back to the discount garbage bin it came from.

The ImperatorWorks Gaming Chair is the king of gaming chairs.

Frankly, it deserves a crown and sceptre.

Maybe a nice velvet robe.

Whatever you want to adorn it with…that’s your call, but make it classy.

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Stop gaming in mediocrity.

Stop doing work like a schlub.

Make the investment, step in and sit down to the future of comfort.

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The Ultimate Gaming Chair 2
Just take a look at these reviews:
Professional Gamer
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“This is the most amazing gaming chair since the dawn of time!”
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Genius Gamer
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“This chair makes me feel like an Angel who just got his wings.”
Elon Musk
Elon Musk
Dorky Gamer
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“Good golly, Miss Molly! This gaming chair is quite the experience. I think it'd be a wonderful idea if everyone had one, once I make a better version under Tesla, which is coming soon. I promise.”
Want-to-Be Gamer
Read More
“Never again will I leave this chair.”
Future President
Read More
“I want nothing else for the rest of my life. My desire for items has been quenched.”
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Think you’re ready to take your gaming and computer use comfort to the next level? This beauty is worth every last penny.

No crumbs, so stains, just awesome. Come on…you deserve it.

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This Gaming Chair is an investment - and worth every cent!
The Ultimate Gaming Chair 4

Pros: This chair is a gamer's dream. If you use a computer for long periods of time - no matter the purpose - this chair is everything you've ever wanted. I've had a bad back my whole life and had spinal-cord surgery just over 3 weeks ago. This chair has been the only place I've found any relief from my back pain. Sitting in the zero-gravity position was a God-send. Next, the leather this chair is made out of is as soft and buttery as something you'd find at a high-end furniture shop. Assembly was much easier than I was expecting. At first, I was nervous about assembling it because all the reviews suggested that assembly was difficult. The online videos were, most certainly, the reason that assembly was relatively simple. However, you WILL NEED 2 PEOPLE for set-up. Fortunately, my son was able to be over to the house that day. Another "pro" is, the beauty of the chair, itself. It's a piece of art. The LED lights, the smokey mirrors on the base (I didn't know about them until I pulled off the protective sheets - just gorgeous!!!), and the sleek lines make this unit far more beautiful than just a "computer chair". Finally, I must say - this chair operates exactly as I hoped it would and exactly as promised - and the quality of the *entire unit* is uncompromised and better than I'd ever expected. To call it heavy-duty is an understatement. There was nothing about the chair that said, "cheap". The words that describe this chair: Quality. Gorgeous. Fairly Priced. Functional. And Fun! Cons: The chair, when delivered, was a huge job to get it into the garage. I live in a smaller town and the truck that delivered the pallets the unit came on, didn't have a lift gate. One of the pallets weighed over 500 lbs. Yes. Just one of them. The other was about 250 lbs. And, a truck without a lift gate and easing these pallets down to the ground took 4 men (I couldn't help due to my pending back surgery, at the time) as well as the driver of the semi being nice enough to help my guys ease them down. So, 5 men - and even then, it was a nightmare. But, it got done. I had rented a pallet-jack and used that to wheel the pallets into the garage. Then, I thought, "We can open the containers and I can just move piece by piece, slowly over the next few days, down to my man-cave and then assemble it down there. Nope. The unit comes in 3 main groupings - The Base - The Chair - and The Accessories. I was able to move the accessories down in 2 trips down to my Man-cave. But, the base and chair are assembled to the point that one person can't hope to move them alone. Or two. Or even three. If you need to navigate stairs or move the chair anywhere other than where you remove the packaging, GET A LOT OF HELP!! (My recommendation would be to hire it done). It was a huge job just getting everything into the room. So, that's a really long way of saying that the first "con" is: it's heavy. Really heavy. (Maybe ship it a bit less assembled? Just a thought). My second "con" (for me) was, the unit came with 3 DP cables. 2 of the 3 cables didn't work. Fortunately, I'm only running my 35", curved monitor and haven't purchased the 2 outer monitors yet (not sure I need them). However, I don't know if those cables were bad when installed in the chair in the factory - or if they went bad in transit. But, the company didn't replace them after I reported the problem to them - and that was a sincere disappointment to me (my only real disappointment in the entire transaction and unit). So, there you have it. This chair is everything I'd hoped it would be - and much, much more. And, the cost of 2 new DP cables is nothing compared the be usefulness, functionality, beauty, and quality of this chair. If you're considering this chair, I can honestly say, you will be BEYOND happy with it. I'm thankful I purchased it and will be using it tonight to play Sea of Thieves (yep, I'm an old gamer). LOL!! Thank you for reading!!

Product SKU: 56101720

Product Brand: Imperatorworks

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 3,799.00

Price Valid Until: 2025-12-26

Product In-Stock: InStock

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