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Our Thoughts on Chip Fingers

The year is 2037.

The World Chip Organization has stepped into the spotlight and will be featured, for the first time ever, in the Olympic Games.

The challenge: Who can eat the most amount of snacks in just 30 minutes.

The bigger challenge: how will the contestants stay reasonably clean and presentable during this strenuous challenge?

Chip Fingers 1

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the contestants are on a national scale.

No more hiding in their basements or sitting in their kitchens eating handfuls of puffed cheese snacks for hours on end, not caring that there are tiny cheese flakes piling up on their fingers

The competition is serious. Snacks being eaten at the games include:

Chip Fingers 2
  • Puffed Cheese Snacks
  • Pretzels
  • Sour Cream and Onion Chips
  • Herb & Cheddar Triscuits


Dear God. Why. WHY?!?

Chip Fingers 3

How can a competitor possibly dive his or her hands into an enormous bag of chips like this and come out looking even reasonably presentable to the viewers watching at home?

We even once heard that one competitor, in the amateur leagues, ate so many artificially flavored chips covered with flamin’ hot something or other that his fingerprints disappeared.

Chip Fingers 4

This can’t happen.

How will the competitors survive the embarrassment and potential loss of self-identifying fingerprints?

Easy. They all are required to use food-grade silicon made Finger Covers called “Chip Fingers.”

Yes, everyone: “Beer Belly” Brad wears them. “Cosmic Chip” Shelly. Even the gold medal-winning Barry “Two Ton Tostitos” Terry.

So, how about you?

Thankfully, in 2037, it’s commonplace for the chip and snack connoisseur to wear Chip Fingers.

But these days, it’s still an undiscovered jewel in the world of snack enjoyment.

We’re proud to present you with the next level of chip accessories in the here and the now:

Chip Fingers

Chip Fingers allows those dainty little digits of yours to stay clean. No more licking your fingers like you’re some sort of gorilla-cat hybrid who just ate a handful of fig seeds. Gross-out.

Even worse, maybe you’d run to the sink, wash your hands and then when you dry them, you see that the paper towel left behind looks like it was part of a murder scene.


Chip Fingers is the solution to all of your snack induced woes.

chip fingers that cover your fingers to keep them clean

Here are several reasons you should consider picking up the ultra-premium, delightful Chip Fingers:

Chip Fingers 5

1. They keep your most important chip loving fingers safe. The index. The thumb. EVEN THE POINTER.

Chip Fingers 6

2. You can be ready should the snack Olympics call you and invite you to future games

Chip Fingers 7

3. Friends, family and enemies alike will be in awe, causing you to be the most celebrated chip dipper in your social circle

Whether it’s for you, or a championship level snacker friend, the Chip Fingers will change your life, forever.

Honestly, you may as well a pallet of these now and just go on and change your name to Chip Fingers. 

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