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Our Thoughts on Hand Shocking Lie Detector

Up Your Detective Game with this Lie Detector

Finally, you can get access to a genuine lie detector and take your unlicensed investigation business to the next level! Those idiots at the police academy have no idea what they are talking about. “Unstable state of mind, potential sociopathic tendencies, delusions of grandeur.” Pffft, you’ll show them!

6 Reasons Why, No more Lies

1. Now you can finally prove that it is that manager from Denny’s that’s been stealing from the register. 

2. The Shocking Lie Detector is the perfect addition to your gumshoe toolkit. 

3. Separate the truth from the lies, and punish those filthy criminals instantly with the built-in shocker. 

4. The just and honest have nothing to fear, but anyone caught fibbing will get an immediate taste of the swift justice that is coming for them.

5. The guys down at the station won’t be able to ignore your citizen’s arrests now. 

6. With the Shocking Lie Detector, you have cold hard proof that these evil doers need to be brought to justice!

Pain is the Game

As if that wasn’t enough, the Shocking Lie Detector has so many other uses. Teach your children the value of honesty using the ultimate teacher, pain!

No one knows who broke the picture of great-grandma Phyllis above the fireplace? You did take the dog out to pee and don’t understand why it just went on the rug? Let’s see if they stick to their stories when you bring out the Shocking Lie Detector! 

Comes with These Added Benefits

It also has the added benefit of letting you know if your little bundle of joy is a sociopath. If they don’t flinch, you might not want to get them that puppy they’ve been asking for.

That’s not all! The Shocking Lie Detector also makes for a great addition to the boudoir. Spice up that waning sex life of yours, and find out if your spouse has been cheating on you! Get the Shocking Lie Detector and up your truth game today!

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