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Our Thoughts on Hover Shoes

Hover Shoes 1

Look around. Right now. Look at what’s around you.


What’s exciting about that? Not much.

Not much joy is derived from that picture on the wall. The seat you’re in. That piece of furniture over in the corner. Oh, and look at all that reading material over there. You’re not going to read it, are you? Probably not.


Because you’re different. You’re a unique animal.

A strange cat, if you will.

You don’t need items to fill that void you feel inside. They won’t, anyway. No matter how many things you have right now, you still are looking for more. Something to quench that thirst. Quell that desire.

Here’s the secret: your desire will never cease.

Hover Shoes 2

That’s awesome.


Because you’re awesome.

You need more: hope, excitement, novelty, fun.

Hover Shoes 3

You don’t need any more furniture.

Hover Shoes 4

You need to feel that sense of delirium, eagerness, and passion again.

Well, guess what you seated son of a gun.

It’s time to feel like that pistol of a person you know you are again.

It’s time to energize your entire being, your entire life.

With…Segway Ninebot Drift W1 Electric Hovershoes.

Hover Shoes 5

Get up out of your seat. Kick over the furniture, knock the picture off the all and throw away that reading material. That’s the past.

The future is you: riding around on the most advanced hover shoes to ever grace the planet.

The Segway Ninebot Drift W1 Electric Hovershoes will legit change your life.

Go from being a commoner to royalty.

You think royalty would ever be caught walking. How boorish.

You’re better than that. Hovershoe it, baby!

Do you think royalty would ever ride a bike for enjoyment? How cute! HELL, NO, they wouldn’t.

You’re better than that. Hovershoe it, baby!

Top 3 reasons you’ll feel like the god amongst men when you are on these wheeled hover shoes of wonders:

1. These Hover Shoes are Fast: Rolling 12 mph like you’re some sort of advanced creature from the future? HELL YES. No, you can’t transport yourself into the future when, as we all know, human beings will be able to do some funky weird stuff, probably like flying just by thinking about it, but still – these present-day beauties will make you feel futuristic and free.

Hover Shoes 6

2. They are Auto-Balanced: Don’t have a few hundred banquet beers and hop on these things, but let’s just say this – they can handle a little wobble. You don’t have to be a balance beam professional to be able to stand up, ride and succeed with these two little feet enhancers.

Hover Shoes 7

3. These Words: 10mm rubber bumper, magnesium alloy skeleton, smart battery management system, and IP54 waterproof protection. UL 2272 certified. WHAT DO THEY EVEN MEAN? They mean these battery-powered hover shoes are made to last, and they’re pretty. And they are rechargeable. And they go 12mph.

Hover Shoes 8

Stop wondering what it’s like to feel truly free. The hover shoes will make you feel alive as Frankenstein raising his creepy little head off that slab the first time he was created and sure enough, you’ll say, “ME LIKEY HOVERSHOE.”

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