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Prank Pack “Ankle Anchors” (Formerly Toddler Tamers) Wrap Your Real Gift in a Prank Funny Gag Joke Gift Box – by Prank-O – The Original Prank Gift Box | Awesome Novelty Gift Box for Any Adult or Kid!

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What You Need To Know About Kid Ankle Anchors:

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Are you tired of children running all around constantly bothering you?

You’re an adult, you should be doing awesome stuff like drinking too much, chopping wood or wildly just kicking at stuff for no apparent reason.

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Kid Ankle Anchors 1

When kids are around, you just can’t enjoy a stiff drink, axe swing or kick like you’d like to.

Thankfully, a solution has been created.

Kids Ankle Anchors.

Kid Ankle Anchors 2
Ankle Anchors help keep your child in place so you can do all of the things a grown adult deserves to do.

Here's How These Ankle Anchors Work:

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Yes, it’s that simple!

Kid Ankle Anchors 3

You’ll wonder how you’ve lived so long with children just coming and going as they please in your house.

Worry no more about if they accidentally fell down the stairs or crawled into your Colorado candy stash and made a mess.

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Ankle Anchors are the solution to all of life’s problems.

But don’t take it from us!

Listen to these real live user testimonials:

Define Awesome Hug Emoji

Another of our many Anchor Ankle Weights success stories, fantastic!

We know you’re ready to smash that BUY button like hack comedian Carrot Top smashes watermelons, but don’t buy one just yet – because you may want to buy two…or more when we let you in on this little secret!

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Define Awesome Super Happy Face Emoji

Kids Ankle Anchors can be used on adults and animals, too!

Imagine anchoring down everyone in sight! They’re just stuck there, doing nothing, not bothering you while you go about your business.

You could even take up playing pool or going for walks in the park again!

Kid Ankle Anchors 4

Ankle Weight Anchors for Kids are Truly a Blessing.

Starry eyed emoji

We once heard of someone who ankle anchored her husband, two kids, doberman, guinea pig and somehow even a fish.

Amazing. Truly amazing!

Purchase your Ankle Anchors today, they keep others down so you can get up and do anything you want!

Unfortunately, Ankle Anchors aren’t a thing. It’s a prank gift box. Ugh.

- Disclaimer
These Ankle Weight Anchors for kids are hilarious!
Kid Ankle Anchors 5

I horrified my older sister on Christmas eve when I gave this to her and told her it was from my 10 year old son to her 6 year old very rambunctious boy. I acted really excited and she totally bought it. Being an overly worrying, semi-helicopter parent, she thanked me and asked if it was safe. To which I replied "I think so, anyway he'll love it!" Her son was nearby and, as if on cue, came running over yelling "I wanna play with the FIRE!!" Finally her husband saw it and when he said it must be a joke I confessed. We all had a really good laugh and it made the Christmas party much more interesting. I love these gag gift boxes!! -Amazon Review

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