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Poop Like A Champion Ultra High Fiber Cereal – Non GMO – Fiber Supplement – Corn Bran | Breakfast Essentials with Soluble Fiber, Insoluble Fiber & Psyllium Husk Powder

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What You Need To Know About Poop Like a Champion Cereal:

Poop Like a Champion Cereal 1

Did you know… That in order to poop like the champion you really are, you should be eating a trillion grams of fiber every day?

Though this statement is not true at all, it does make you think, doesn’t it?
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You may be thinking such questions as:

Poop Like a Champion Cereal 2

These are all great questions, young fiber enthusiasts. And here’s the solution you’ve been waiting for: 


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This cereal was created in a top secret lab deep in the bowels of our great country.

Poop Like a Champion Cereal 3
Thousands of scientists, dietitians and amateur fiber hobbyists gathered together several times annually to test the capacity of the human body for fiber.
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The good news? 

It can handle pretty much a metric ton of fiber.

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The better news? 
You don’t need that much fiber. Not a whole metric ton. Just a crap ton.
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Fortunately, POOP LIKE A CHAMPION ULTRA FIBER CEREAL has arrived, and it’s pooptastic.

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Frankly, it’s #1 at helping you take care of going #2.

The fiber cereal not only tastes great, but it gets the job done, if you know what we mean.

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It makes you feel light as a feather and cleans you from the inside out. Because let’s be honest, cleaning from the outside in would be super weird.

So, how can you use POOP LIKE A CHAMPION ULTRA FIBER CEREAL like a winner?

Here are some suggestions:

If you’ve been keeping one of those trendy FIBER JOURNALS everyone is talking about non-stop, you know you need more fiber.

The poop emoji smiling

Fiber means your body is functioning optimally…it means that your colon is happy. No one wants a sad colon, do they? Not us, anyway.

Not only does POOP LIKE A CHAMPION ULTRA FIBER CEREAL taste great and work great, it also looks amazing on your kitchen counter.

Maybe keep it out as a decoration to let people know, “I POOP THEREFORE I AM.”

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cereal to help you poop like a champion
POOP LIKE A CHAMPION ULTRA FIBER CEREAL - you deserve it. Your colon deserves it. We all deserve it.

Disclaimer:  Now get that OCCUPIED sign ready for the bathroom…you’re going to need it.

Poop Like a Champion Cereal
Poop Like a Champion Cereal 4

This cereal is amazing! I suffer from a fissure and the pain can be pretty excruciating. The only way I am going to get this healed is by eating this cereal. Previously I had been eating a lot of fiber, but I believe it was the wrong mixture of soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber was actually causing me problems with conditions the opposite of this cereal’s goal. Since beginning this cereal I believe I may actually be healing my fissure because the pain is no longer “off the scale”. Be careful and weigh your portions though..This cereal has A LOT OF FIBER in each serving. One serving will look like it wouldn’t feed a field mouse, but be warned, filling your bowl to chow down on this would be a huge mistake!! No kidding!! 1 serving goes a long way! For me personally (male, 59, 5’11”, 235. lbs) 45 grams weighed on a digital scale was the correct portion size for ME. If you have OIC or any other issues with constipation, this cereal although expensive and tastes like paper may make you feel better and potentially save you a surgery (like me). Not being constipated has reduced my anxiety as well. Always drink 64 ounces of water per day and always consult your physician if you have questions. I am not a doctor and am not making medical recommendations. Individual results will probably be different from everyone else. Thanks for reading my review! 🙂 -AMAZON REVIEW

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