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Zoom Tactical Door Viewer Peephole Reverse with Door Viewer Reverse Door Scope

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What You Need To Know About The Reverse Peephole Viewer:

Let us take a moment to tell you the story of Johnny “Reverse” Peephole.

The Reverse Peephole Viewer 1

You may know Johnny for his wonderful invention:

The reverse peephole

But, do you know how the ingenious invention came to be?

Indulge us for a moment as we take you through a brief, but a magical account of how it all went down.

The Reverse Peephole Viewer 2

The year was 1931. Johnny had been out, drinking his face off. Not literally of course, but pretty much. Whatever they had at the bar, he put it in his body. Gin, whiskey, beer, mop water, day-old hot dogs accidentally left by the janitor in a bag by the exit.

The Reverse Peephole Viewer 3

Johnny realized it was time to go home. He was drunk. It was late (just after Noon), and he knew when to call it quits.

The Reverse Peephole Viewer 4

He arrived home to his apartment, and something strange was afoot.

First of all, he couldn’t figure out which key was the proper one to let him into his apartment.

He tried every key on the key ring.

And there were a lot of them.

It seemed like way more than normal.

There must have been a hundred keys.

None of them opened the door.

The Reverse Peephole Viewer 5

Was he as sauced as a McRib sandwich from McDonald’s?

Or, was he really in a pickle?

Well, the answer is…both.

Johnny then took a step back and sized up his door. He wasn’t even sure it was his.

The Reverse Peephole Viewer 6

So now, two problems: he can’t open the door, and he’s not even sure it was his apartment.

If I only had a hole to look in to see if this were my place, he thought. There’s only that stupid, regular peephole and I can’t see anything on this side of the door. And also, holy balls am I drunk.

The Reverse Peephole Viewer 7

He took one of his keys and started chipping away into the door, about eye level.

He made it through the width of the door, burrowing a hole so he could see in.

Oops, not his apartment.

The Reverse Peephole Viewer 8

He did this for the next two hours. Door after door. Until finally, he found his apartment.

Johnny Peephole opened the door, collapsed on the ground, and woke up the next morning with the brainstorm to make it official. The reverse peephole was born.

The product you are looking at was the anecdote to be able to put it up to a peephole and see in.

Now Johnny was free to get ripped, then make sure the apartment he was trying to get into was actually his.

The Reverse Peephole Viewer 9

Wow, what initiative.

The Reverse Peephole Viewer 10

OK, so the real deal is, it was developed by law enforcement to ensure they weren’t walking into dangerous situations.

The Reverse Peephole Viewer 11

We suppose you could do that too, you know, make sure your house/apartment is clear and safe before going in.

But also: drunks. Are we right?

The reverse peephole allows you, on the outside, to put it up to any peephole and see in.

The Reverse Peephole Viewer 12

Thank you, Mr. Peephole.

We salute you.

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