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Ultimate Gift for Father’s. Dad Joke Button with Tons of Funny Dad Jokes | Novelty Talking Button Present

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What You Need To Know About The Dad Jokes Button:

The Dad Jokes Button 1

Let’s be real. Dad jokes are all the rage.

As a matter of fact, a bad Dad joke can cause an insurmountable amount of rage.
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Which is a very good thing.

The worse the joke, the better it is – at least when it comes to Dad jokes.

Define Awesome Hug Emoji

That’s why the Dad Joke Button is the answer to all of your humor needs.

The Dad Jokes Button 2
Need a quick jolt of humor?

BOOM. Dad joke button.

Feeling sad?

BOOM. Dad joke button.

define awesome emoji hand over face

Found out you are going bald?

Well, you know what they say – hair today, gone tomorrow.

BOOM! Dad joke served.

define awesome laughing emoji

The Dad joke is not just any old funny button. It is the premier item every human being on planet earth needs to remain jovial in such uncertain times.

You can always rely on the absolute best (meaning, worst) jokes on the planet all emanating from this one handy little dad joke button.

Don’t risk being in any situation without a Dad joke button nearby.
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Awkward meeting with the boss at work?

BOOM! Dad joke started.

Emoji with his tongue hanging and crazy eyes

Trying to adopt a cat but you’re not sure if they have a sense of humor?

BOOM! Dad joke button in full effect.
 You’ll have the kitten smitten from the moment you release the Dad joke into the world.

oh emoji by define awesome
Define Awesome Tongue Emoji Face

No more sitting up all night long trying to come up with your own Dad jokes. This beauty is a beast – 50 dad jokes preloaded so you never know what you’re going to get.

Some ways people respond to Dad jokes, you should be aware of:

Now that you know you’ve got all of these amazing reactions at the ready, you need to buy the Dad joke button.

cool sunglasses emoji

Besides, what do you call a button without a dad joke?


OK, that wasn’t good…which means it was glorious.
Starry eyed emoji
laughing emoji by define awesome

Maybe you’d even consider starting your day with the Dad joke button on your night stand. Wake up…BOOM! Dad joke.

Put one outside the shower. BOOM! Dad joke.

define awesome laughing emoji
The Dad Jokes Button 3

Pumping iron at the gym? BOOM! Dad joke, drop weights, get shredded, get laughs.

Dad Jokes make the world go ‘round - and now you can cash in on the hilarity.

Define Awesome Super Happy Face Emoji

Stop frowning, start smiling with the Dad Joke Button that will literally change your life.

Here are just a few Dad jokes to prime the pump, if you will:
thumbs up.

The jokes are so bad, they’re good. Dads everywhere will unite under one common fact: this thing rules.

The Dad Jokes Button
The Dad Jokes Button 4

My husband keeps this on his desk at work. He’s kinda known for it now. He loves it. It has tons of great dad jokes. Doesn’t throw them all out there at once so he’s still getting random new ones every once in awhile. It’s also kid friendly unlike most of the other “funny” desktop buttons. - AMAZON REVIEW

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