Wine Condom Bottle Stoppers

Nothing reminds you that you’re no longer in college more than an unfinished bottle of wine. One of the first steps of adulthood is prioritizing your early morning meeting tomorrow over a second glass of Merlot. You might as well admit that wine makes you sleepy, grandma, and invest in a humorous rubber bottle stopper.

Luckily, the Wine Condom Bottle Stoppers can reawaken your rambunctious spirit without affecting your new grown-up persona.

Que Syrah, Syrah

A gimmick wine bottle stopper is just what you need to complete your ready-meal-for-one dinner. You’ll no longer feel guilty cracking open a bottle with these portable and reusable condoms at hand. With six rubbers in a pack, the wine condoms ensure you’re never caught short. Get lucky with the ultimate “on-the-go protection.”

No More Pour Decisions

Feel free to toss a couple in your wallet, just don’t get them confused with the real rubbers you’ve already stashed in there. While the bottle stoppers claim to be, “99.9% effective in preventing unplanned wine spillage” there are zero guarantees they can prevent pregnancy.

Wine not bring a pack to your next date as a friendly reminder, “no glove, no love?” Or maybe stick a few in a bachelorette party bag to encourage a round of drunken giggles.  

Whatever the occasion, wine condoms make sure you go out with a bang.