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What You Need To Know About Surprise Snake Potato Chips:

“Show me a person who does not like potato chips, and I will show you a loser.” – Former President Grover Cleveland

OK – so there’s no actual, physical or verbal proof that the former President of the United States actually uttered those words. But can you imagine if he did? That would totally be awesome.

The point remains, however: humans love potato chips.

Surprise Snake Potato Chips 1

It’s just a fact. A fact that has existed since the world was created in 1887. Also a fact.

The seemingly impossible question that has plagued potato chip lovers for decades is this: how can you take something so perfect as the potato chip…and improve upon it?

Well, pal, you’re ’bout to french your fries when you read this next sentence here:

Surprise Snake Potato Chips 2

We’ve figured it out. We know how to make the potato chip better. It comes with a twist. Are you ready?

We proudly introduce to you:

A fake can of potato chips with a fraudulent snake inside:

prank potato chip can with snake


Surprise Snake Potato Chips 3

You see what has happened here?


Your life has just changed.

In an instant.

Everything is different.

But here we are.

Now that you’re an insider of the fake potato chip can industry, let’s explain 3 whole little-known reasons as to why this product even exists:

Surprise Snake Potato Chips 4

1. Because it’s awesome.

Surprise Snake Potato Chips 5

2. Because you can use it to scare your friends.

Surprise Snake Potato Chips 6

3. Just because.

Showing up anywhere with a can of potato chips is awesome. Everyone is going to want a chip. It’s just what happens. But then. BUT THEN…

The person goes to open it.


snake potato chip can

A snake (not real?) comes tearing tail out of that can and scares the living dead out of the person (definitely real).

So why should you consider buying at least one, if not several of these hilarious potato chip prank cans?

Because duh. Plus, here are at least 5 places you could totally bring this prank to and will definitely be considered a hero:

Surprise Snake Potato Chips 7

1. Birthday party. “Oh, what’s this gift” they’ll say. “Feliz cumpleaños” you’ll say. BOOM.

Snake as a gift.

Surprise Snake Potato Chips 8

2. Leave it in the airplane bathroom. Next person won’t be able to help themselves. BOOM.

Snakes On a Toilet.

Surprise Snake Potato Chips 9

3. Under the sheets. “Whoa! Someone left some chips in…” BOOM.

Bedroom Snake.

Surprise Snake Potato Chips 10

4. Office Cubicle. “What’s this, a snack? Oh my! Pringles!” BOOM.

Fake News Snake.

Surprise Snake Potato Chips 11

5. Car. “Hey man, I didn’t know you we’re going to have potato chips waiting for me on the seat.” BOOM.

Backseat Driver Snake.

There are literally limitless ways to use this prank snake in a can:

School. Definitely School. Professors <3 Chips.

A Doctor’s Office. Any Really.

The Local Gym Sauna.

Live tv.

But the real question lies in what happens after the snake is set off into the air…

Well, that’s when the real magic happens…

The person who opens the potato chip can realize they’ve been taken on a prank adventure!

They scream at the snake,

then they pause,

then they lol’d.

Surprise Snake Potato Chips 12

Then they hugged you.

The prank snake in a potato chip can.

Making friends, family and coworkers love you even more.

Disclaimer: There is no disclaimer to this product. It’s awesome. It’s a fake snake in a can. Come on, what’s better than that? Nothing.

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