The Farting Animals Coloring Book

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Our Thoughts on The Farting Animals Coloring Book

We all do it. Fourteen times per day on average. Some of us hide it, some of us own it, and some of us blame it on the dog. Of course, we are talking about farts! Whether it’s the smelly kind, the machine gun kind, the silent but deadly kind, or the ‘sweet Jesus this is an emergency, and I need a change of pants’ kind, farting is simply funnier and cuter when animals do it.

Who says flatulence can’t be flattering?

With the Farting Animals Coloring Book, you can create a colorful gas masterpiece and blame it on the horse, hippo, kitten, giraffe, or other furry fart factory of your choosing. Baby elephant? More like a butt-burping smellephant. The Labrador has a treat for you, and it’s called an air biscuit. The cute and kind Chinese Panda is steaming up fresh butt dumplings and serving them on a bamboo platter.

Listen closely, and you might hear the squirrel let out a cheek squeak. Don’t let the tuxedo fool you; that adorable Penguin just laid an egg. The otter doesn’t wear pants, so why is he playing the trouser trumpet? The list goes on…(okay, one more before the wiener dog clears the room with some mustard gas).

Now you don’t have to go to the aquarium to see dolphins blow some bubbles!

Answer the call of the wild burrito and color nature’s noxious fumes any way you’d like. This hilarious and fun coloring book will make humans of all ages giggle with delight, guaranteed. The book includes twenty animals in all, each one breaking wind shamelessly as if no one were watching. Just be thankful these turtle burps are only pictures hanging on the fridge. It’s time to put the ‘art’ back in fart. Wait…did you hear that? I think someone stepped on a duck.

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