People of Adult Coloring Book: Rolling Back Dignity (OFFICIAL People of Walmart Coloring Books)

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Our Thoughts on The People of Walmart Coloring Book

The People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book is just the thing for that Zen soul-searcher who has tried everything.

You’ve attempted to practice meditation, hour after hour of diligently coloring mandalas and then burning them, to remind you of the futility of labor and the importance of the present.

You have traced the outlines of countless horizons in the sand, only to watch them disappear beneath the waves, returning to the chaotic milieux from whence they came. Upon finding the meaning of impermanence, you have started to test yourself. You have plunged yourself into adversity, facing the most base horrors of reality. Watching hour upon hour of youtube contouring videos, while maintaining a clear and still mind. Driving into the center of town to get coffee and trying to street park at rush hour, all while envisioning yourself as a silent ball of tranquil energy, traversing the universe. You’ve driven down to the local Walmart to watch the Walmart people, their pendulous rolls of fat swinging from side to side as they shuffle towards the half-priced microwaves. Now, combine the two paths to Zen with the People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book. Gaze into the void in all its horror, and let it wash over you as you fill in the exposed bikini line of a 250lb Walmart shopper escaping from the vegetable section, surrounded by beautiful abstract designs. With the People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book, you can truly test your Zen mettle. Anyone can be a Zen master while sitting on a mountaintop in Northern Tibet, watching the sunrise of the Himalayas. Only a true Zen master can maintain their quiet mind while watching the grotesque bodies of Walmart people graze through the snack section.

Train yourself for the ultimate test of Zen strength with the People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book.

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