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People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book: Rolling Back Dignity (OFFICIAL People of Walmart Books)

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What You Need To Know About The People of Walmart Coloring Book:

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Imagine a world where you could go out in public and wear whatever you wanted.

Denim jacket from 1978. No pants. A flip-flop made out of flamingo feathers.

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The People of Walmart Coloring Book 1
Now couple that with being able to act in any way you feel like. No worry about social norms or how you will be received by the general population.

Feel like screaming out the score of last night’s football game with commentary about the halftime show? Awesome.

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How about cackling as loud as you can about the ingredients to make the best buffalo chicken dip, with references to how delicious it will be (but also hot to your tender little taste buds). Great. Have at it.

What if you wanted to not shave for a few decades, put permanent tattoos on your forehead and wear earrings that were so long they dangled all the way down to the floor and seemed to make music from the soundtrack of the movie Hostel while you walked?

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Great success!

Welcome to the world of WalMart

Sure, the savings are great – but the people are even better.

People watching can turn from spectator sport to full time job at your local WalMart, and it is as horrifyingly hilarious as you would expect.

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The People of WalMart coloring book makes you the champion of the underdogs.

The people who may not be gainfully employed or completely full of intelligence are yours to bring to life in stunning color.

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Maybe you can make them even more charismatic and outrageous than they are in real life.
Possible? Probably not…but you can try.
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By coloring in the lives of the WalMart Elite, you can make your life as full as their carts on a Sunday afternoon shopping spree.

Live the life you’ve always wanted:

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The winners of WalMart are here with The People of Walmart coloring book, and you can bring them into your home to help spruce up that wonderful feeling of “oh, no” you have every time you see them.

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