License Plate Flipper

Have 2 separate license plates, and you’re tired of constantly switching them like a peasant? Want to play a spy? Trying to do hoodrat shit with your friends? Like just to be prepared?

Are you an actual criminal?

Well now, you can live out those dreams and potentially more, this lovely device allows you to switch between 2 license plates on the fly.

Whether you accidentally just blew through an intersection, and don’t want to get caught, or you had a rough break up, and you stole your ex’s plates and are driving past every speed camera possible for that much-needed feeling of catharsis, this is basically just for you. Now while I have never been caught saving the world from desperate spies using my highly renown skills for international espionage nor fled from the police in a high-speed chase, I can tell you these things would’ve helped, potential. It’s like one of the gadgets out of a James Bond film that I was never rewarded with, but luckily you can buy it for yourself.

The Gadget You Need

And while I cannot say what you may use it for, it doesn’t change the fact that the License plate frame Flipper USA type 1 PC in Set is a cool little device, to add that little something to your vehicle. The only way it would be cooler is if it was made out of some top secret material instead of being made out of normal metal and plastic, or y’know being powered by anything other than a 12 volt battery. The 12 volt battery is most likely the lamest of all the batteries, besides the potato battery, but at least a potato makes a bunch of dope food, so I rescind my previous statement, and confirm the 12 volt is definitely the lamest of batteries.