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Prank Pack, Pet Petter Prank Gift Box, Pet Day, Wrap Your Real Present in a Funny Authentic Prank-O Gag Present Box | Novelty Gifting Box for Pranksters

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What You Need To Know About The Pet Petter:

The Pet Petter 1

Let’s be honest: Who has the time to pet their own pet?

The Pet Petter 2

The future is here, and we’re all busy doing like a thousand things at every second of the day.

And of course, by “ a thousand things,” we mean “ignoring reality and checking our phones non-stop every six seconds.”


But whatever.

Point is, the “Pet Petter” box isn’t even a real thing. It’s a prank gift box intended to hold other, “actual” gifts. Or is it…

Why does that matter to you? Well, not to overstate things, but it could be a prank box that changes the entire landscape of your life. Here’s how:

The Pet Petter 3

Imagine you buy someone a gift. Sure, it’s probably thoughtful. Maybe it’s a blanket. Or a gift card. Or a thoughtful gift of some sort. Whatever.

Fact is, a thoughtful gift can only go so far. The person opens it. They smile. They’re pleased you thought of them and purchased a nice gift.


End of story.

The Pet Petter 4

BUT. Imagine you place that gift inside of a prank gift box like the one offered here. Imagine you place the gift inside the “Pet Petter” gift box. Seriously, imagine it.

The Pet Petter 5

Well, congrats you hilarious person, you. Now you’re flipping wigs left and right. Here’s why:

The “Pet Petter” gift box is basically like a gift before the gift.

The Pet Petter 6

They unwrap the box, see it and start freaking the hell out. “There’s no way this is real!” they laugh. “Wow! This is insane!” they cackle.

The Pet Petter 7

The whole thing becomes an exercise in pomp, circumstance, and entertainment.

The box makes their entire day.

They take a picture with it.

They post it on social media.

Other people see it and start liking it and clicking hearts and leaving smiling faces. Wow.

You’ve launched an internet revolution. #instafamous

The Pet Petter 8

They love the “Pet Petter” idea. They love it so much, after receiving your gift, they decide actually to invent an actual pet petter.

The Pet Petter 9

Next thing you know, they’re selling thousands – then millions of them online. You’ve introduced a new product onto the market that revolutionizes the pet industry. All from a joke.

The Pet Petter 10

You’re the next great inventor (or at least inventor’s friend).

Don’t let the opportunity to make the world a better place with the “Pet Petter” gift prank box slip past you.

The Pet Petter 11

Is it really a gift? No.

But is it a step in the right direction, when it comes to making people open their present, smile and then feel like they are literally going to implode with excitement? Heck yes it is!

Define Awesome Hug Emoji

The “Pet Petter” box. It’s everything you want your actual gift to be, but better.

Step up your gift-giving game. It’s here. And it’s awesome.

The Pet Petter 12

Disclaimer: The “Pet Petter” prank gift box may not make millionaires out of you or the gift recipient. It will, however, make everyone in attendance laugh when they see it with reactions like, “NO WAY!” and “OH, SNAP!” followed by immense laughter. Which totally increases your cool factor, for life.

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