Unicorns Are Jerks Coloring Book

Unicorns are hands down the animal of the moment.  But, the creature we all have come to know and love may not be so lovable as we think.  Little did we know until now, they’re f***ing jerks. Their sparkle and mysticality is all just a front.  

In this Unicorns Are Jerks coloring book the cold, hard, sparkly truths are revealed about the creatures secret lives.

We give these guys too much credit.   Unicorns are the worst kind of being, and you can color your way to learning why. 

Farting in elevators, dining and dashing, and being judgmental to name a few.  

You’ve never seen an adult coloring book as horrifying as this.

A perfect way to mix up your coloring routine from the stereotypical patterns and designs you see everywhere else.  You not only ease your mind filling in the pictures but become informed of the cold hard facts of these beasts from this book.  Laugh your way through this humorous and eye-opening coloring book for adults that anyone would love to receive.