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FLIK Original Middle Finger Light – Give The Bird & Wave to Drivers – Hottest Gifted Car Accessories, Truck Accessories, Car Gadgets & Road Rage Signs for Men, Women, & Teens – Funny Back Window Sign

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What You Need To Know About The Flik Me Baby Middle Finger Light For Your Car:

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One of the most beautiful creatures in nature is the bird.

Many have called birds the most majestic things that have ever existed. They fly high, they have purpose and they are all unique.

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But don’t let us tell you how amazing they are, enjoy just a few quotes about birds from eloquent individuals throughout the ages:
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The bird has taken many forms. From beautiful winged creature to beautiful middle finger.

This item, as you may have guessed…is about the latter.

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We’ve all experienced the road rager, the slow driver, the cut off artist, even the non-turn signal goof.

Now, instead of having to exert your energy by rolling down the window, extending your arm and then finally unveiling the gorgeous finger, you can have it all taken care of for you.
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Throw up a big FLIK YOU with this handy little middle finger light for your car.

Don’t worry, you can also use the remote control to wave a thank you instead of giving the middle finger...

But let’s be honest…this bad boy is best used to show other drivers they need to tighten up.

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From city driving where folks seem to think they can drive like people who have never been behind the wheel, to the highways where apparently the majority of drivers think every lane is the autobahn and no speed limit road sign applies to them..

The FLIK YOU Light-up Middle Finger gets the message across.

Is another driver tailgating you? Did you cut someone off in traffic? Take a quick glance in your rearview mirror and give them the bird with the comfort of a single press of a button.

Here are some other places you might consider using the remote controlled, light up wonder that is the FLIK YOU Middle Finger.

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Flip the bird and feel as free as a bird knowing everyone else sees your true feelings, on display, in lights and with a giant F-You middle finger to the world.

No massive real estate required.

Frankly, this is even better than a standard pool, because you can bring the party wherever you go….every time. This hilarious gadget attaches to your car’s back window and lets everyone know exactly how you feel.

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Perfect as a gift for someone you love, someone you hate, someone in your family, or yourself.

Heck, even your pet might like one to put on their cage – especially for those days you forget to change their water.

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The Middle Finger Light For The Car is the perfect way to show your displeasure with other drivers. It’s a simple, yet effective way of getting your point across. And, it’s the perfect gift for that special everyone who loves to express themselves on the road.

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