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Only $13.99

Our Thoughts on Rainbow Cloud Floaty

It is time to become Katy Perry in your new cloud-pool water floaty. How will you accessorize while floating in a cloud over the water at Miami Beach? Maybe a purple wig is in order, and don’t forget about the ice cream cone boobs. Women and men from all over won’t be able to resist taking a lick and snapping a pic of you in your new rainbow floaty. 


Float in Style

Become the new Snap chat sensation, flash strangers, and get weird on top of clouds. If you get a little too freaky on top of your cloud floaty, hop in the water and cool off. Don’t forget to taste the rainbow before aborting ship though ;).


Be Wild, but don't Buy a Cheap A** Weave

Product details- your giant inflatable rainbow is an incredible 95 x 59 x59 inches. Fitting more than one person is sure. Go ahead have an orgy with up to 5 people who have an average weight of 132 lbs! This large adult floating device is made with environmental PVC material. The material is comfortable and even comes with cup holders for your drink of choice! The handles on your new rainbow cloud floaty ensure safety while wrestling around in your purple wig. Just be careful not to buy a cheap a*** weave.

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