Device Activating Stickers

OK, let’s face it: the people you are forced to be surrounded with are not as smart or awesome as you are.

Device Activating Stickers 1

We know it, you know it and the entire world knows it.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Device Activating Stickers 2

Or is there?

Oh, my.

There is something you can do about it.

Device Activating Stickers 3

Not only can you out-wit those silly ol’ hooligans…

But you can also call into question the people around you who may be on the edge of inferiority as well.

Now that, my smart friend, is how you catch two fish with one worm.

Basically, you can make fun of everyone, at all times, with these incredibly awesome stickers.

Device Activating Stickers 4

Buck up, cutie pie, we’re about to show you how you can reign supreme at all times with just a set of super simple stickers.

You’re better than everyone else, right?


But, how can you prove it?

Peep these stickers:

Device Activating Stickers 5

Motion Activated

Device Activating Stickers 6
Device Activating Stickers 7

Voice Activated

Device Activating Stickers 8

Clap Activated

Device Activating Stickers 9
Device Activating Stickers 10

Twenty of each sticker to place wherever the heck you want.

The beauty in these stickers is that it leaves it up to you to be a genius.

Here are five of our favorite spots you might consider:

Device Activating Stickers 11

Voice Activated:

Put a sticker just above the toilet paper roll in your home bathroom.

And tape the roll together so that it doesn’t work. That way, when a guest visits the loo and starts to demand the toilet paper to dispense, you (and your entire home of guests) knows they are both complete hooligans and about to reach for the two-ply, again, like it will magically work all-of-a-sudden. HAHAHAHA!

Device Activating Stickers 12

Clap Activated:

Soap on your counter.

Imagine the absurdity of people going all up on your sink and washing their hands…then clapping because they want soap.

This sets the precedent of you showing your guests who’s boss. But it also sets the more prominent precedent of who is the greatest of all times when it comes to sink pranks.

Device Activating Stickers 13

Motion Activated:

This is the greatest of all the prank stickers. Imagine leaving this above the office printer. Every time it doesn’t work, people will command it to. Everyone will give them odd looks and laugh amongst themselves.

Or, in a public restroom. Or a dressing room, on the mirror. Or a water fountain. Sky’s the limit. Wherever you think is most righteous, you win.

Frankly, you could leave it on a tree in the middle of a forest, so only Bigfoot sees it. You’d still get one over hardcore on Bigfoot – and that is awesome.

Device Activating Stickers 14

These stickers are meant to make sure people know who is the boss: you.

They’re also meant to make sure that you know who is really the boss: you.

Device Activating Stickers 15

Don’t let anyone else be the prank boss. Keep them on you at all times, so that you can ensure laughs follow you everywhere you go.

From your personal bathroom to a public kitchen, to the middle of a forest where mythological creatures might Rome.

It’s a prank-filled world, and you are the winner.

Device Activating Stickers 16

What would happen if you were the recipient of the stickers?

Surely, you would laugh your patooty off, that’s for sure.

Don’t let that happen.

Have a fresh pack of these awesome stickers available to you at all times so that you control the humor.