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Loftus International Exhaust Whistle Trick, Muffler Tailpipe Noisemaker, Annoying Sound Exhaust Whistle Practical Joke

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What You Need To Know About Car Exhaust Whistle Prank:

Car Exhaust Whistle Prank 1

How did the car exhaust whistle prank come to be?

Well, in the Autumn of 1916, a man named Barnaby J. Minkles stumbled upon a prank so lively, so wonderful and so outrageous, he was regarded as one of the foremost prank masters of the twentieth century.

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Minkles worked long hours on the assembly line as a linesman for the Detroiter Briggs Motor Car Company in Detroit, Michigan.

The conditions were difficult, the work repetitive and his co-workers were rather boring to be around

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To spice things up, Minkles would play random pranks on the workers to make them giggle (or in some cases, the pranks would be so good, he would make them ga-faw or even belly-laugh).

Some of Minkle’s famous pranks included:

Car Exhaust Whistle Prank 2

The “Put a Pickle On the Windshield Wiper” classic prank

This involved putting a dill pickle on the left windshield wiper so that when activated, it would spread pickle juice all over the windshield. Hilarious.

The “Toot Bag on the Seat” prank

his involved blowing up a bag and putting it on the seat of the car so that when the driver sat down it broke the bag, forcing air out and making the sound of passing gas. If this sounds familiar, it was the prototype for the legendary 1950’s Whoopee-Cushion.

The “Minkle’s Sprinkles In the Trunk” gag

Old Barnaby took his pranks from the front of the car to the back with this classic one, which involved sprinkling about a pound of glitter dust into the trunk of a car, forcing the new owner to spend hours cleaning it up before they even dare put any items back there.

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Though these were all standard-issue Minkle pranks, he pined for more.

Then it hit him.

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One evening, after enjoying a dinner of white bread, butter and four liters of Father Pinard wine, he had the idea that would forever change his legacy.


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He proudly slurred to himself in the wee hours of that Autumnal morning… Then the next day, he did just that.

The car exhaust whistle confounded the workers and new car owners.

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Car Exhaust Whistle Prank 5

“WHY DOTH MY MODEL T AUTOMOBILE WHISTLE AS IF IT WERE A BIRD??” said all who were so graciously pranked by prank master Barnaby and his exhaust whistle prank.

So simple, yet so amazing.

thumbs up.

The car exhaust whistle prank apparatus can now be yours.

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Prank those you love (or don’t love) with the prank that pays homage to Barnaby J. Minkles by getting the car exhaust whistle prank.

It’s as close as you’ll ever get to livin like it was 1916.

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