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What You Need To Know About The Pet Swing:

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If there is one thing a pet loves to do, it’s swing!

Did you know that the pet swing was actually invented by a dog?

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The Pet Swing 1
In 1867, a dog named Colonel Ruffington Barksly III from Kentucky was sitting on his wrap-around deck overlooking his land.

I’ve got quite a bit of acreage here” he mused to himself, “I bet I’ve peed on almost all of it” he said smugly.

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But then his self-satisfaction quickly turned to sadness. The type of sadness he hadn’t felt since he accidentally mistook and old leather boot for a sirloin steak.

I’ve never made anything of this land other than a public restroom. What kind of pup am I to not take advantage of this gorgeous land?

The Pet Swing 2
The Pet Swing 3

Colonel Ruffington Barksly III knew then and there he needed to get to work, and not the kind of work that resulted in a yard full of poop. Real work. Dog work.

The mighty dog was filled with a fire in his belly. Maybe it was that boot he ate, or maybe it was a passion burning deep inside him for more.

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He began sketching out a design that would forever change both the landscape of his yard – and playtime for millions of animals around the planet for centuries to come.

What was a simple bolt of imagination quickly took shape as a rough drawing on an old cedar shingle.

The Pet Swing 4
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Sir Barksly worked day and night, night and day making his idea of a pet swing come to life.

The Pet Swing 5
He was so excited he even peed a little – but not in his yard. In his work trousers.

Weird that he was a dog who had trousers on, right? But he did.

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Finally, after several weeks of working on the ultimate animal swing – it was finished…

There on his sprawling estate stood the world’s first dog swing.

He officially became the first dog on a swing, ever.

A dog swing that would allow Barksly to indeed soar like an eagle.

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His dreams as a dog who could swing were finally achieved.

He took photos of the swing and quickly began manufacturing prank gift boxes with photos of himself on them.

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No mere mortal could ever afford this incredibly engineered swing – but they could gain enjoyment from the photos.

And such is the legacy of Colonel Ruffington Barksly III – the animal in history to design a real, working pet swing.

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Ok, ok, so, here’s the real deal: you can’t actually own the pet swing. But…

You can own a box with a picture of the pet swing!

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You may be wondering – “Yeah, I like the prank gift box…but whatever became of that old mutt?”

Believe it or not, Barksly became a bit of a local legend.

He swung on his swing for hours at a time, with all the townsfolk gathered around to watch.
The Pet Swing 7

Then one day, it happened. Barksly had built up strong momentum on the swing. The harness broke after so much friction and usage – and Barksly went soaring into the sky.

Then he grew wings and flew away.

Barksly did become that eagle he always wanted to be!

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The Pet Swing 8

Legend has it that every once in a while, you see a dog with wings fly over that same estate – peeing from the sky.

Swinging Puppy. Legend. Eagle.

Colonel Ruffington Barksly III, we salute you and your genius invention of a pet swing.

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