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Talking Toilet Paper Spindle – Playful Prank Practical Jokes, Christmas Gag Gift with Customizable Messages, Fits All Holders, Record, Replay & Surprise, Easy 9-Second Recording Toilet Paper Spindle

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What You Need To Know About The Talking Toilet Paper Holder:

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Cut the crap, web surfer. We’re about to introduce you to the man who is going to change your life.

A man who is so legendary, that you should bow down before him.

The king of pranks. The prince of hilarity. The jester of good times.

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Ladies and gentleman, boys and squirrels, children of all ages…we proudly present to you:
The Talking Toilet Paper Holder 1

Mr. T.P. (as in toilet paper) Roll.

T.P. Roll gives zero number twos about being awesome.

He just is awesome, at all times.

Want to know why?

Because he is the inventor of the toilet paper roll that records audio.

The Talking Toilet Paper Holder 2
Very surprised emoji

What an ingenious item!

T.P. Roll is basically the Albert Einstein & Shakespeare fusion of the toilet paper game.

He sure knows how important it is to be funny when you’ve got a guest on the pot.

He also knows laughter is the best medicine when it comes to dropping a deuce.

The Talking Toilet Paper Holder 4
meh emoji by define awesome

T.P. Roll was bored of the same old same old.

People used his bathroom.

They did their business.

They exited.

But since that’s lame, he studied for new ways to truly amp up the bathroom experience.

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Define Awesome Hug Emoji

He created a recordable toilet paper roll.

Each time the toilet paper rolls around, there is a recording that plays, sending the person on the toilet into a fit of laughter.

Check out the classic T.P. Roll lines he’d record into the device:

define awesome laughing emoji

“Oh, my! It appears you have just decided to produce a #2! Well in my book, you’re still #1!”

“It smells like the remains of the day in this piece!”

“I would guess someone has decided on an all-asparagus diet!”

“The person in line for the bathroom is gonna think you’re the absolute worst!”

“Am I feeling silly, or does it smell like Taco Tuesday exploded in here?”

“I’m going to send a text to everyone at this party to cover their noses, hombre.”

“If this were an amusement park, your two cheeks would have caused a code red.”

“I’m dying to know: Is it killing you like it’s killing me?”

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

The talking toilet paper roll:

The Talking Toilet Paper Holder 5
teeth emoji by define awesome

Compliments of Mr. T.P. Roll, this tp roll allows you to give your personal spin off wonderful recordings he left us with in his beautiful device.

Now it’s your turn.

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The Talking Toilet Paper Holder 6

It’s your responsibility now to continue his legacy by amping up the party with your signature touch.

Simply record and wait for the laughter from the poor bastard on the john.

All you need to add is a couple of AAA Batteries and a personalized touch of your jokes to turn your next bathroom visitors into the next bathroom lovers.

Define Awesome Super Happy Face Emoji

Bravo, Mr. T.P. Roll, you got it. We thank you for your service.

All you need to add is a couple of AAA Batteries and a personalized touch of your jokes to turn your next bathroom visitors into the next bathroom lovers.

Define Awesome Super Happy Face Emoji

Now, because of Mr. T.P. Roll, if you ever want some company or just a friend to talk to, you can turn an average trip to the bathroom into a creepy, yet laughing matter.

So, when would you ever need a talking bathroom product like this?

If you ever get lonely during your long hours on the toilet…

Record customized audio messages for you and your guests to hear any time they go to grab some teepee on the porcelain pedestal. 

The device plays your personalized recording any time the toilet paper roll turns, giving a pleasant surprise to any unexpecting visitor.

Interesting emoji

This talking toilet paper holder will quickly become the conversation piece of any household.

thumbs up.
  • Halloween, record a scary message for your guests to be spooked. 
  • Christmas, wish your guests a season greeting.
  • Potty training your kids, remind them to wash their hands and flush.

Give your guests a friendly greeting, no matter the occasion, every time they visit your porcelain throne!

The Talking Toilet Paper Holder 8

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