Talking Toilet Paper Holder

Do you ever get lonely during your long hours on the toilet?

Do you ever want some company or just a friend to talk to?

Or show your presence when someone else is in your bathroom?

Turn an average trip to the bathroom into a scary, yet laughing matter with the talking toilet paper holder.

This talking toilet paper holder will quickly become the conversation piece of any household.

Record customized audio messages for your guests to hear any time they go to grab some teepee on the porcelain pedestal. 

The device plays your personalized recording any time the toilet paper roll turns, giving a pleasant surprise to any unexpecting visitor.

So when would you ever need a talking product like this?

Halloween, record a scary message for your guests to be spooked. 

Christmas, wish your guests a season greeting.

Potty training your kids, remind them to wash their hands and flush.

Give your guests a friendly greeting, no matter the occasion, every time they visit your porcelain throne!