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Unshrinkit U2-01 Unshrinking Solution for Cashmere, Wool and Wool Blend Clothing

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What You Need To Know About The Unshrinkit Clothing Solution:

Have you ever tried to shrink an over-sized garment in the dryer and it came out looking like a sweater for a chihuahua?

Or perhaps a favorite sweater ended up in there by mistake? We all mess up the wash every so often.  Or every day, but no judgment!

You no longer need to toss those shrunken clothes into the trash.

Unshrinkit clothing solution has your back for all your clothing that has fallen victim to one of your dryer mistakes.

A cup of this magical solution on your fave piece of clothing and it’s like you just turned back time. 

A time when your clothes fit well and all was good in the world.  

Wishing there was a way you could turn back the clock and undo your mistake?

With Unshrinkit, the life-changing clothes unshrinking solution, you can avoid throwing out clothes or looking like a sausage when you wear them! So, no more having to act like you lost that shirt your girlfriend gave you.  We all know you ruined it in the wash. Now, you can unshrink just about any piece of clothing.

Wool is made of long, straight fibers. Heat or agitation from the washer and dryer can break the protein bonds in the wool fiber, causing them to curl up and in turn, shrink your clothes!

Unshrinkit is a laundry day game-changer that interacts with the proteins in your shrunken wool garment and relaxes the bonds. This gives you the opportunity to gently stretch your shrunken garment back to its original size! After you’ve un-shrunk it, simply rinse the sweater in cold water to remove the excess solution and lock the proteins back into their original configuration. Just like that, your sweater is good as new!

This product, which was featured on ABC’s hit show ‘Shark Tank’ is guaranteed to work on anything you can think of; As long as it is made of cashmere, merino, wool, or a wool blend, that is! From blankets to gloves, dresses to sweaters, socks to scarves–try it on anything that’s become a bit shrunk after a tragic accident or years of abuse from the washer!

Clothes can be very expensive, especially those made of nice fabrics such as cashmere, merino or wool. The last thing we want to do is be forced to buy a new garment due to an absent-minded dryer fiasco. It can also be heartbreaking to destroy a favorite piece of clothing. Unshrinkit is certain to save you tons of money and heartache!

Not only is this a wonderful product to have on hand in your own home, but it makes a great gift for that special person in your life who’s maybe not so great at doing laundry, or just incredibly unlucky. Buy this for your child before they leave home for college to ensure they’re not coming back every weekend wanting you to do their laundry (they probably will anyway, but at least they can fix their own shrunken clothing!).

This product is perfect for anyone who purposefully shrunk all of their sweaters after losing a few pounds, and has since put a few pounds back on… we all fluctuate in weight. Let this product help your clothing sizes fluctuate right along with your body size!

This unshrinkit solution has a ton of great benefits:

1. Hand-safe, sweater-safe, and color safe

2. Allows gentle stretching of shrunken garments to return them to their original size

3. Works on cashmere, merino, wool, and blends

4. Made in the best country ever, USA!

5. Featured on Shark Tank

Never lose a favorite garment or your hard-earned money again due to accidental shrinkage! Keep this life-changing product in your home or give it to a loved one to see the miracles Unshrinkit can perform!

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