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What You Need To Know About The Toilet Night Light:

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was a fellow named Frank.

Frank Crap.

The poop emoji smiling

Frank loved eating, drinking, having a merry good time and oh, he also loved him some alone time in the bathroom.

Young man, Frank Crap with a poop emoji on his shirt, stands with hand behind head.
Starry eyed emoji

Living in a small town, Frank became somewhat of a local celebrity for his gregarious personality and outrageous acts of silliness.

Young man, Frank Crap with a poop emoji on his shirt, stepping into a bar with a leather jacket on

You see, Frank loved going out on the town, whooping it up and then returning to his home for a nice nightcap: a fill of the porcelain bowl.

relax emoji by define awesome

Here is just a brief example of what an average night out itinerary consisted of for good ol’ Mr. Crap:

5:00 pm – Work ends

Define Awesome Hug Emoji
Young man, Frank Crap with a poop emoji on his shirt, getting off work with hands in back pocket

5:01 pm – Frank begins drinking light beer as a way to unwind from the day. Frank would drink between 6-8 light beers while calling his friends to see “what they were up to” for the evening.

Define Awesome Super Happy Face Emoji

6:03 pm – Frank would go into his bathroom, his sweet, sweet, quiet sanctuary. He’d relieve himself from the 96 ounces of beer he just consumed and smile lovingly as he flushed the toilet. “You’re a good friend” he would say quietly.

6:48 pm – Frank saddles up at “Mr. Wings Taco & Hot Sauce Brew House” around the corner from his home. He continues to drink copious amounts of beer and eat even more copious amounts of food

Define Awesome Tongue Emoji Face

7:49 pm – Karaoke is in full swing. Frank Crap can sure hold a tune. No one could sing “Baby Got Back” quite like Frank. The ladies would swoon, but Frank wasn’t going home with any ladies tonight. He had a special friend to go back to.

Young man, Frank Crap with a shirt with a poop emoji on it, with two young women who have heart eye emojis on their shirts.

9:58 pm – Time to leave. Hundreds of ounces of beer and dozens of tacos later, he has satiated his famously oversized appetite.

Emoji with his tongue hanging and crazy eyes
Emoji smiling with mouth open and tongue showing

Only one thing left to do, and the whole town knew it: it was time to visit the porcelain goddess.

Young man, Frank Crap, going home after a long day

Only one thing left to do, and the whole town knew it: it was time to visit the porcelain goddess.

But one evening, something terrible happened.

eyebrow emoji by define awesome

Frank Crap returned to his home to find the bathroom in complete darkness.

teeth emoji by define awesome

The lightbulb had fizzled out.

There was no way to see his beloved evacuation station.

And then, in a moment of pure, unadulterated inspiration, it came to him:

let down emoji by define awesome


Very surprised emoji

Frank worked through the night to design what is now globally recognized as the single greatest invention in human history.

The ToiLight.

A toilet night light which just so happens to also be.

Define Awesome Monacle Emoji
Toilight parts and explanation





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