Realistic Newborn Baby Doll

You have heard the story before. A woman is all the sudden rushed to the hospital only to find out that there has been a freaking baby child growing inside of her for nine months. That’s #CRAY, but it happens. If you are an eye-twitching crazy girlfriend and you want your man to come home early from his business trip buy this realistic baby doll, we ensure a reaction. He will 100% believe your insane baby story after seeing the pictures of your lifelike newborn baby doll. Or maybe he will never return home and devise a plan to leave your eye-twitching a**.


Baby Doll Decorator

Maybe you don’t involve yourself with the opposite sex, or anyone at all for that matter. Perhaps you want to feel like there is a human next to you. Maybe you want to fill your home with realistic baby dolls because you don’t like real people. You are not ready for a baby that cries poops and eats, but you are prepared to play fake house in the comfort of your home, where no one else enters. These realistic newborn baby dolls will provide the support of real human interaction through aesthetics.

& It is Anatomically Correct

Your new baby doll(s) is anatomically correct, and its’ hair has been hand applied. Much time detail is put into your new 15-1/2″ L baby doll, and it comes with a certification of authenticity. Becoming a certified fake parent is only one click and 5lbs away!