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A Tent That Attaches to An SUV

Ditch the house, dude – it’s time to start camping like a champion. Sell the house, drop the mortgage, the electric bill, the gas bill, the water bill, the taxes. All that nonsense. We proudly present a better way to live: the 10’x10’ Backroadz SUV tent for Camping Like a Champion Let us tell you […]

human hamster wheel

If there is one thing every child on earth can agree on, it’s the straight up fact that they all would prefer to be hamsters than human beings. Children from every state, country and continent, for thousands of years have watched hamsters with great envy. Here are just a few responses to a 1994 survey […]


Cut the crap, web surfer. We’re about to introduce you to the man who is going to change your life. A man who is so legendary, that you should bow down before him. The king of pranks. The prince of hilarity. The jester of good times. Ladies and gentleman, boys and squirrels, children of all […]


So many massage hooks, so little time. Unfortunately, most of the hooks you and I are familiar with are the boring ones. 1. The Fishing Hook. Yeah, cool. You put it on a string and let it dangle in the water with an old worm on it. Gross, dude. Nobody wants that old worm, not […]


[POLICE RADIO ANNOUNCEMENT] Attention Citizens, We Repeat, Attention Great Citizens! We have an alert for an unusual sighting in the residential area you are currently residing in. There have been reports of a lion in your neighborhood. We repeat, there have been reports of a lion in the neighborhood. If you see this majestic creature, […]


“YOU DID IT PUNK, WE KNOW YA DID! NOW YOU’RE GOING TO SPEND LIFE IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT!” These words, while chilling and scary are also a dream come true for parents who haven’t had more than five seconds to themselves for any shred of alone time since their children were thrust upon this earth. Somewhere […]


What if you had a BS detector… What would you do with it? Where would you take it? The official BS Auto-Detection Button with A.I. capabilities listens to your voice, analyzes changes in tone, measures the level of humidity in the air to sense when you’re sweating (aka lying). This BS button even has retina […]

virtual reality for dogs and cats

We live in the future. A world of boundless opportunity and endless possibility. A world, where anything can happen at a moment’s notice. An awesome world, where pets can live in a virtual world that caters to their every fancy. Welcome to Pet VR. Population: your pet. The Virtual Reality pet headset defies all of […]


money rolling papers

Show ‘em you’ve got money to burn, baby! Look, we get it. You are living that high dollar, elite lifestyle. Money ain’t a thing. You’ve got luxury furs, gold chains, gold grillz, gorgeous fabrics, stylin’ shoes. You are the highest of high society. When you’re part of high society though, you’ve got to ask yourself […]


Let’s be real; pet fish are the easiest pet to take care of. But sometimes, even throwing some food in their tank now and then can become a real hassle when you’re busy trying to take over the world. Well, the robotic pet fish is the answer to any and all of your problems. Here’s […]

fun air gun toy

Mr. Zooka was the creator of one of the most ingenious contraptions ever made. The item he fashioned was able to take pure air, gather it all up into an invisible mass – and shoot that air back into the earth with a fantastic amount of energy behind it.

alternative method for dog drying

There’s a new way to keep your puppy fluffy. Wondering how everyone else keeps their puppy so cute and fluffy? Thanks to the advanced technology of air power, your furry little love ball of fluff can now experience a spa, in a wind-tunnel. Ever wanted to take your dog to the dog park and show […]


Here’s the problem with the world today, my good friend. It’s boring and repetitive. Day in and day out, the same thing happens all the time. All we’re left with, as a tiny glimmer of hope is that something out of the blue will happen to jolt us from our den of lackluster life events. […]

Hello, my name is Chuck Norris, and I’m here to tell you about this fancy little book a good friend of mine named Ian Spector wrote called: “The Truth About Chuck Norris: 400 Facts About the World’s Greatest Human.” Now the first question you might be asking is, “Hey, Mr. Norris – are you really […]

cash money gun

The Rainmaker. The Awesome Cash Shooting, Gold Plated Electronic Gun. Let’s face it: you don’t get the respect you deserve. Sure, people think you’re super attractive, funny, powerful, charismatic and pretty much a flawless human being. You have a great smile, impeccable style and an air of confidence that surrounds you at all times. People […]


Let’s face it, you look awesome with cool sunglasses on. But sometimes, it’s not worth all the hassle to drive all the way to the ancient ruins known as “The Mall” to find a pair, priced $100 over the price of the item from the manufacturer themselves on their new website. So, how do you […]


It’s Raining. But, this time something is different. It feels right. It feels different. It’s like, magic or something. It’s the Hands-Free Umbrella! For the first time ever, you can have TWO FREE HANDS while it’s raining! There are more benefits to it than just having two hands in the rain… And we’ll get to […]

skull head log on fire

Do you feel like your friends aren’t sure how committed you are to the death metal? Are you afraid people think you are joking when you mention human sacrifice? Do you wish your neighbors knew just how much you don’t want them near your backyard fire extravaganza slash piercing party? If you answered yes to […]


Make fire a part of you. Well, your arm at least. Take hold of one of the greatest, most powerful elements in the palm of your wrist, and unleash your wrath upon: Hot dogs Burgers Steak That bee that’s just waiting for the right moment, but first wants to fly around and tease you, freaking […]

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You think your horticulture game is on fleek don’t you? Damn, son. You have a lot to learn. First of all, “on fleek” isn’t even something people say anymore. It was a thing for like three months back in 2016. Now you want us to take you seriously after you’ve used that kind of terminology? […]

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