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You’ve been drinking all your drinks wrong, your whole life. It’s time to take your upcoming party, or simply your next drink to the next level. It’s time to turn your cocktails into a specialty concoction with these ultra-fancy dry ice drink stirrers Whether you use it for an unforgettable Instagram or making a drink to […]


So here’s the tea. The youth have created a language of their own these days, and let’s be real; it’s hard to keep up.  The slang flash card set by Knock Knock makes decoding what the millennials and generation z are trying to say to you.  In this 50 card set, learn phrases such as “roll deep,” […]

fur pet bed hot dog design

How do you add an accent piece to your living room that says both “I love hot dogs and my dog, but I’m also super fun and quirky?” The Hot Dog Pet Bed, that’s how! Quirky, but comfortable for your dog The marks of your lovely little furry children are visible throughout the house. A […]

clue game game of thrones addition

Murder is a common theme in Game of Thrones. Just when you get attached or start sympathizing with a character…boom! They’ve been barbecued with wildfire or had their throat sliced end to end like a sacrificial goat. More than 30 characters died in the season six finale, and yet you yearn for more Westeros mystery […]

alternative method for dog drying

There’s a new way to keep your puppy fluffy. Wondering how everyone else keeps their puppy so cute and fluffy? Thanks to the advanced technology of air power, your furry little love ball of fluff can now experience a spa, in a wind-tunnel. Ever wanted to take your dog to the dog park and show […]

lions mane

[POLICE RADIO ANNOUNCEMENT] Attention Citizens, We Repeat, Attention Great Citizens! We have an alert for an unusual sighting in the residential area you are currently residing in… There have been reports of a lion in your neighborhood. We repeat, there have been reports of a lion in the neighborhood. If you see this majestic creature, […]

electric hover shoes for adults

Look around. Right now. Look at what’s around you. Items. What’s exciting about that? Not much. Not much joy is derived from that picture on the wall, the seat you’re in, the shoes on your feet, or even that piece of Ikea furniture over in the corner. Oh, and look at all that reading material […]

cash money gun

Let’s Start With Why You Need The Rainmaker. The Awesome Cash Shooting, Gold Plated Electronic Gun. Let’s face it: you don’t get the respect you deserve. Sure, people think you’re super attractive, funny, powerful, charismatic and pretty much a flawless human being. You have a great smile, impeccable style and an air of confidence that surrounds […]


Imagine if you could have a personal “hype-man” follow you around like you were a celebrity rapper. Somebody to follow you around all day every day just shouting about how great you are and giving you motivational quotes to keep you inspired. You wake up in the morning and hit the alarm… “Yo! My dude […]

money rolling papers

Show ‘em you’ve got money to burn, baby! Look, we get it. You are living that high dollar, elite lifestyle. Money ain’t a thing. You’ve got luxury furs, gold chains, gold grillz, gorgeous fabrics, stylin’ shoes. You are the highest of high society. When you’re part of high society though, you’ve got to ask yourself […]


Now you can balance your life-crippling soda addiction with a false sense of helping the environment! Don’t just throw that big plastic soda bottle away; use it as a high capacity water gun chamber. The Bazooka Water Gun holds more water (or tequila, if this is for a bachelor party), which means less refilling and […]


Look at you, living in some sort of “regular” house like you’re some king or something. Oh, our apologies, your majesty! Apparently, you like living in a “neighborhood.” Apparently, you think you need a “basement.” How weak we are that we think you could get by in life without a “working fireplace.” Well, you son […]

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Worried you might crash one day from using your phone while driving? Statistically, you should be. And legally, you shouldn’t be on your phone while driving. Jeez. But, you’re too cool for rules, so – an invention had to be made. Everyone hates the one jerk on their commute that spends more time looking at […]


Introducing: The 3d Edison LED Light Bulb Let’s go on a journey together into the mysteries of this 3d LED light bulb, shall we? A cosmic journey, where space and time are insignificant. Where nothing matters other than your deepest, innermost desires. You close your eyes. The lights of your subconscious begin to twinkle. Your […]


So many massage hooks, so little time. Unfortunately, most of the hooks you and I are familiar with are the boring ones. 1. The Fishing Hook. Yeah, cool. You put it on a string and let it dangle in the water with an old worm on it. Gross, dude. Nobody wants that old worm, not […]

a luxurious shower room

Love spending money and also showering in a luxury shower system like royalty?  Well, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised by an item you likely had no idea existed, until this very moment. Introducing: The 2020 Manhattan Luxury Shower System, the Computerized Steam Power Shower Sauna with Jetted jacuzzi Whirlpool Massage Bathtub Spa with Bluetooth […]


Let’s sit down and talk for a minute. Serious talk. It’s time to kick things up a notch in that pick-up truck of yours which lacks a truck bed pool. Let’s face it: you’re awesome. You’re the life of the party. You’re cool, fresh and have got the good life on lockdown. The problem? Your […]


Buckle up and get ready for the gaming chair rig you’ve been dreaming about your entire life. Yup, your entire life. We know you sit there on your uncomfortable gaming chair. It’s stained from years of hard seltzer spillage. There are chip crumbs in every possible orifice. The arms of your couch look like they’ve […]


Meet Bill the Bull, the inflatable pool bull. Sure, that’s not his official name, but he is a bull. No doubt. This bull has been given the name Bill for a few reasons: Bill is a super sweet name that reminds us of a John Wayne era man’s man Bill is something you get after a […]

A Tent That Attaches to An SUV

Ditch the house, dude – it’s time to start camping like a champion. Sell the house, drop the mortgage, the electric bill, the gas bill, the water bill, the taxes. All that nonsense. We proudly present a better way to live: the 10’x10’ Backroadz SUV tent for Camping Like a Champion Let us tell you […]


“YOU DID IT PUNK, WE KNOW YA DID! NOW YOU’RE GOING TO SPEND LIFE IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT!” These words, while chilling and scary are also a dream come true for parents who haven’t had more than five seconds to themselves for any shred of alone time since their children were thrust upon this earth. Somewhere […]