Laughter For a Cause

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popping fun costume

Do you have a desire to pledge allegiance to the Zoltan? Have an obsession with popping bubble wrap? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be a fine china dish in the back of a moving truck? Enter: The Bubble Wrap Suit All of these wishes can be fulfilled with […]

dog coin holder

Do you want people to look at you and think, “Wow they have their corgi obsessed life completely together.” Don’t give them a reason to doubt that by adding this corgi butt coin purse to your collection. Take your Corgi obsession to a whole new level Throw that spare change that we both know will […]


Take your upcoming party to the next level. Turn your cocktails into a specialty concoction with these dry ice drink stirrers.  Whether you use it for an unforgettable Instagram or making a drink to capture the eye of an onlooker,  you’re sure to impress with these. These stirring sticks are designed to carry small amounts of dry ice.  […]

Your robotic lawn mower’s name is ROB; he is the perfect addition to your home and garden power tool needs. ROB likes to cut your grass by himself; no human interaction is needed. Humans are no longer required. ROB will take over; his sharp blades have a fetish for cutting. Robots are Taking Over Robs […]


Unicorns are hands down the animal of the moment, in every moment. But, the creature we all have come to know and love may not be so lovable as we think. Little did we know until now, they’re jerks. Their sparkle and mysticality is all just a front. In this Unicorns Are Jerks coloring book the cold, […]

Dear Realistic Baby Doll (A Letter from a 3-year-old): This is a sincere letter of gratitude for all of the wonderful benefits you have provided me. As a three-year-old little girl, you may be surprised as to the limitations placed on me by life, at this point in time. I’ve only been on this planet […]

Although butts have been the asset of choice for what seems like centuries, lips have come in full force since Kylie Jenner debuted her new fillers a few years back and we haven’t been able to think about anything besides them since.  Everyone wants Plumper Lips! If you’ve been in a slump since Kylie broke […]

Oh, the Poetic Irony Lord have mercy on us all, what foul creature hath thou wrought? Now, for a low low price, you can own the soul of a former banker, forever imprisoned in this hellish piggy bank. Frozen, save for a mouth that can open just wide enough to gobble up money.  Torment him […]

Introducing: The 3d Edison LED Light Bulb Let’s go on a journey together into the mysteries of this 3d LED light bulb, shall we? A cosmic journey, where space and time are insignificant. Where nothing matters other than your deepest, innermost desires. You close your eyes. The lights of your subconscious begin to twinkle. Your […]


Keep yourself uber hydrated with this brain tricking flavored cup. Because who still drinks ordinary water anymore? Since when did water become fancy? That colorless, flavorless liquid we all need to live. People are paying $$$ for big brands like Perrier and La Croix. It’s like all anyone ever wants is that tasty-flavored sparkling goodness. And […]

disposable subtle butt

Every person who prides themselves on personal excellence swears by The Fart Neutralizer. Whether you’re a queen of a prominent country, the king of a small island, or a person in-between homes in a tiny town in North Dakota, you are likely aware of the urgency to make your farts less noticeable. Frankly, the only […]

Oh, look who it is, Johnny “Lottery” Moneybags. Walking around town like he owns the damn place. Do you smell that? What is that odor? No, it’s not his armpits…. It’s the hot new cologne “Eau De New money.”  The stench is beautifully overwhelming. But… how did Johnny Moneybags get so flush with cash? Easy! […]

hilarious card game

You probably think you’re the cock of the walk when you stroll into a party with your hilarious party games, don’t you? Well, bad news lil buck-a-roo: you have to kick it up a notch ASAP. We’re talking, taking it to the next level, where the next level is so high up in the stratosphere […]

Uncle Harold – who is he? This gentleman is a tried and true pistachio connoisseur. And a prank master. The man himself has now released his masterpiece, and you have a very limited time to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. We proudly present to you: Uncle Harold’s Premium Pistachios. These gorgeous tins of purported […]

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For The First Time Ever, You Can Stare at a screen longer without worrying about the blue light causing headaches! Remember the future of the past? People were all going to be interconnected with gadgets and computers and screens… Everything was going to be all sleek and, like, super technologically advanced. You could ask a […]

formula for unskrinking clothes

Have you ever tried to shrink an over-sized garment in the dryer and it came out looking like a sweater for a chihuahua? Or perhaps a favorite sweater ended up in there by mistake? We all mess up the wash every so often.  Or every day, but no judgment! You no longer need to toss […]

beer slushy maker

Enjoy your favorite cold brew in a whole new way. A Beer Slushy Way. Keep your coolness factor of drinking a beer intact while still enjoying the refreshing frozen aspect of a margarita.  With this beer slushy maker, you can serve your brewski soft-serve style. No need to degrade your manhood when you’re craving icy alcoholic slushies […]

While we’re on the subject of you: You’ve been a little passive-aggressive lately, which is awesome, like me! Frankly, who doesn’t love passive-aggressive people? Life would be boring without you I guess. Don’t come right out and say what you’re feeling, EVER. Just dance around the topic like you’re some bootleg hip-hop dance from the […]


Dogs are pretty freaking cute, but do you know what makes any dog even more adorable? A Costume. One Which Turns Your Dog Into A Duck! Let’s go over some of the benefits you and your fluffy friend will enjoy: Your dog will be quacking with joy until you take it off – but don’t […]

Waterproof seat protector for dogs

Dog lovers will do anything to make their pet’s lives more enjoyable. And for good reason. Dogs are arguably the only pure things left in the world, so we need to help them at all costs. A two-for-one benefit, this dog car seat cover protects your upholstery and your furry child’s comfort. Yes, your dog […]

funny poop emoji shaped cake

Getting angry is easy, but getting even instead of angry is hands-down the best option, always, in every situation. Let’s say your ex may have broken up with you on your birthday because, well, you thought that they were just cold-hearted meanies. Well, are you ready for the truth? The real reason? It is because […]