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For The First Time Ever, You Can Stare at a screen longer without worrying about the blue light causing headaches! Remember the future of the past? People were all going to be interconnected with gadgets and computers and screens… Everything was going to be all sleek and, like, super technologically advanced. You could ask a […]

Lord of the Rings Lego Set

“One Lego set to rule them all, One Lego set to find them, One Lego set to bring them all. and in the darkness bind them.” That’s right young hobbit lords, a lego set replicating HELM’S DEEP.  Act Fast! The Uruk-Hai Are Coming! If Aragorn is right, there are at least 10,000 Uruk-hais on their way right now! That’s a sh%& ton […]

a car air freshener that is a picture of a cat with a cone around its head

Imagine you love cats who for some reason or another cannot lick themselves – BUT ALSO ENJOY FRESH SCENTS. You’ve tousled and toiled for years. Working. Thinking. Theorizing. Guessing. Hoping. How could you merge your two loves into just one item? Before we get to the answer, let us tell you a short story. In […]

It’s the future, dude – nobody should have to stand when they can sit. Therefore; we formally announce the world’s greatest device: The Wearable Chair (as seen on Silicon Valley) That’s right – take a load off anytime, anywhere with the chair that literally changes everything for the better. Going to an outdoor concert? Forget […]

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According to Albert Einstein, the invention of the flip flop sandals was to be considered the “most important technological and scientific breakthrough for the fashion industry that most of us will ever be part of in our lifetimes.” As Einstein once remarked to a packed lecture hall on the campus of Yale University in 1947: […]


2020 is going to a magnificent year filled with technological marvels that were unimaginable just a decade ago. Thanks to the internet, and super fast wifi, our planet is now more connected than ever.  Futurists suggest that in just a few short years, we’ll have a global economy, location independent jobs, energy that is not […]

money rolling papers

Show ‘em you’ve got money to burn, baby! Look, we get it. You are living that high dollar, elite lifestyle. Money ain’t a thing. You’ve got luxury furs, gold chains, gold grillz, gorgeous fabrics, stylin’ shoes. You are the highest of high society. When you’re part of high society though, you’ve got to ask yourself […]

customize toilet with vinyl decals

Wake up in the morning. Brew coffee. Drink coffee. Time for a poo break! Take a seat on that plain, white porcelain bowl while you do your business (scrolling Instagram for thirst traps until your legs go numb). Ugh. The morning routine is so monotonous and boring. If only there were something that could spice […]

the toilet timer official

At some point over the last decade, toilet timers have revealed that our time in the bathroom has increased exponentially. What are we doing there in the powder room? Showering more effectively? Shaving more accurately and intensely? Taking our dental care game to the next level? Doubt it.  It’s likely that we’re sitting on the […]


Everyone knows that distracted driving is the best type of driving! If you added up all of the time you spent mindlessly driving, looking at stop signs, pedestrians, red lights, oncoming traffic, and all the other nonsense that being behind the wheel forces you to look at, you’d have a metric ton of useless time. […]

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PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: July 2019 Pasadena Times Headline: BABY IN A TORTILLA BLANKET BURRITO PHOTOSHOOT CAUSES UPROAR WITH LOCAL COMMUNITY The reason? What a disaster. Who was the creator who would ever think you should put a baby in an actual burrito? And where in the world would they find a soft tortilla large enough to […]

cell phone jail for iphones and android phones

The Cell Phone Jail: The world’s smallest jail cell for your overzealous cell phone usage is not quite what it seems. Imagine the jungles of Africa, 1981… Hot, dry, unexplored. American traveler Saxon Bingham enters the jungle alone. He discovers a tiny jail cell, empty in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by ancient bao-bao […]

inflatable unicorn water floaty

Love being awesome and letting the whole world know it? Then buckle up my magical friend, this unicorn is everything you’ve ever dreamed of all in one mythical and majestic inflatable. This beauty is your own personal floating island, comfortably seating your crew as everyone on land stares in amazement (and jealousy). Let’s go through […]

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“Am I completely zoned out of my mind on catnip, or am I right in thinking this house is going to have cats living in it?” The most common question asked by your visitors can be answered with a simple doormat, thanks to the incredibly luxurious underfoot mat which reads;  “There’s, like, a bunch of […]

practice drumming air drumming kit

Look, if you are anything like a rockstar, you’ve always wanted the fame and the fortune that comes with being a rock star, but not just any rock star, you wanted to be the heartbeat of the band, the one that keeps everyone else in check… the Drummer. Just picture it, with a little practice […]

funny poop emoji shaped cake

Getting angry is easy, but getting even instead of angry is hands-down the best option, always, in every situation. Let’s say your ex may have broken up with you on your birthday because, well, you thought that they were just cold-hearted meanies. Well, are you ready for the truth? The real reason? It is because […]

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It was said that the only thing babies could do is eat, cry, sleep, & poop. But Did You Also Know That Babies can Mop Floors?! It may be cute, but let’s face it, babies haven’t really been known to do chores and clean messes…. until now. We understand the concept of you don’t work; […]


Imagine this: It’s another wonderful Friday night… …and you’re working the late shift at McDonald’s Your feet are starting to ache, your head is starting to pound as the smell of french fries overwhelms your senses. And then it hits you, and you remember… In your locker in the back room, you have something that […]


Cut the crap, web surfer. We’re about to introduce you to the man who is going to change your life. A man who is so legendary, that you should bow down before him. The king of pranks. The prince of hilarity. The jester of good times. Ladies and gentleman, boys and squirrels, children of all […]