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We all do it. Fourteen times per day on average. Some of us hide it, some of us own it, and some of us blame it on the dog. Of course, we are talking about farts! Whether it’s the smelly kind, the machine gun kind, the silent but deadly kind, or the ‘sweet Jesus this […]

Unicorns are hands down the animal of the moment, in every moment. But, what if Unicorns really are just a bunch of jerks???  Sure, they’re all mystical and magical and whatnot, but can you really trust them?  This hilarious unicorn coloring book takes a closer look at these so-called creatures of light, exposing them for […]

Imagine a world where you could go out in public and wear whatever you wanted. Denim jacket from 1978. No pants. A flip-flop made out of flamingo feathers. Now couple that with being able to act in any way you feel like. No worry about social norms or how you will be received by the […]


It’s 2am. You’ve been out all night doing the things you do to keep your life interesting (you know, drinking liquids that inebriate and such). Standing in your kitchen, you think to yourself, “What in the name of all that is Snoop Doggy Dogg am I going to satiate the hunger that is bellowing deep […]


You have a filthy mind, and we’re not even sure we’re going to continue with this product description until we make one thing clear. THIS BOOK IS NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK IT’S ABOUT. You think you’re so sneaky. Clicking on the image, the link, whatever. Your mind is racing. “Oh, my! There’s a book […]


If there was one state in the United States of America that matters, we can all agree that it’s Florida. As a matter of fact, Florida is the breeding ground for a superior type of human being that is now finally gaining the global attention they so rightfully deserve. Enter: the Florida Man. The Florida […]


Meet Dick (short for Richard). Richard is…well, he’s not one of those people you’d call your pal. Neither is he rich. Ironically, there really isn’t a better way to describe Mr. Richard than to apply the four-letter word his mama gave him at birth. It fits Mr. Richard well, as he is known, at times, […]

Hi! My name is: Cornelius. I am an adult, who was raised by my parents through the things they learned in “How to Traumatize Your Children.” If you ask me, I think it’s a wonderful book. I think it’s a wonderful book filled with amazing techniques to help children become better human beings. A book […]


Hello, my name is Chuck Norris, and I’m here to tell you about this fancy little book a good friend of mine named Ian Spector wrote called: “The Truth About Chuck Norris: 400 Facts About the World’s Greatest Human.” Now the first question you might be asking is, “Hey, Mr. Norris – are you really […]