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Tired of not being able to control the actions of everyone in your life? Well, the game is about to change, my friend! Introducing: The Motion Activated Voice Recorder Audio Player This is a device that’s sure to add a sprinkle of mischief and a hearty dose of hilarity to your life. This little gem […]


Buckle up and get ready for the gaming chair rig you’ve been dreaming about your entire life. Yup, your entire life. We know you sit there on your uncomfortable gaming chair. It’s stained from years of hard seltzer spillage. There are chip crumbs in every possible orifice. The arms of your couch look like they’ve […]


Have you ever wondered what happens behind your back? The reality of being a human being is that you can’t naturally look forward and backward at the same time. That sucks. Especially when you take into consideration the things we’ve found out happen while an average person has their back turned. Check out this time […]


It’s the future, dude – nobody should have to stand when they can sit. Therefore; we formally announce the world’s greatest device: The Wearable Chair (as seen on Silicon Valley) That’s right – take a load off anytime, anywhere with the chair that literally changes everything for the better. Going to an outdoor concert? Forget […]

Look around. Right now. Look at what’s around you. Items. What’s exciting about that? Not much. Not much joy is derived from that picture on the wall, the seat you’re in, the shoes on your feet, or even that piece of Ikea furniture over in the corner. Oh, and look at all that reading material […]

With the technological advances of the last decade apparent, it has always stunned the universe that there was not an easier way to access the simple pleasures of WiFi. A brief look back at the incredible break-throughs shows a fantastic trajectory of monumental progress: 2011 – Albert Snoot introduces drinkable gasoline 2012 – Derek Jeter […]

You seem stressed out a little bit lately, is everything OK? Come on, why are you so anxious? Seems Like You May Need an Electric Head Massager… I mean, it’s not like we’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, right? That would be crazy, right?! The way you’re acting, you’d think the Pentagon released […]


Introducing: The 3d Edison LED Light Bulb Let’s go on a journey together into the mysteries of this 3d LED light bulb, shall we? A cosmic journey, where space and time are insignificant. Where nothing matters other than your deepest, innermost desires. You close your eyes. The lights of your subconscious begin to twinkle. Your […]

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “You know, I’d like to own an alien one day,” you are about to hit the jackpot: Baby Yoda We proudly introduce you to an alien. We’re not quite sure who he is, or much about his background, so we’re going to speculate here: This little green alien, while […]


2019 – What a time to be alive! It would easy to joke about Qoobo, a pillow with a wagging tail designed to help comfort people who, for whatever reason, can’t have a pet. But we’re nice, so… We’re not going to do it. We’re simply going to tell you how this wonderful, soft, robot […]


Your child is one of the sweetest, most delicate, lovely children that has ever graced the planet earth. Inside your home, they are kind, friendly, lovable. Outside your home? They are one of the raddest kids on the playground, in the neighborhood, in their school. Can you comprehend how difficult it is to be so […]


LOOK AT YOU ONLY USING ONE SCREEN LIKE A CHUMP. “Oh, bro, you don’t get it, dude, I’m on my laptop bro, it’s only got one screen man.” GROW-UP, SON. IT’S TIME TO GROW UP. Look, we get it. You went to your corner computer shop, got your cute little single-screen laptop and you were […]


Your digital footprint is an absolute horror show. We know it, you know it, and the world at large could know it if you’re not careful…

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There’s no way you’re still talking on your phone like it’s 2003, are you? If you are, there is very little hope for you. Frankly, why not just go all out and treat your phone usage like it’s 1897. Carry around an old wooden wall clock with a handset receiver and a cord, saying things […]

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