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Meet Mister Chubbles, the cat that makes other cats look lazy. Have you ever heard of a cat that earns enough money to pay the mortgage on a nice, mid-sized starter home? How about a cat that is not only painstakingly precise when it comes to floor maintenance, but also has an incredible knack for […]

You’re a Boss. A Boss With a Notepad. Maybe not the Seth Rogan type of boss… But a boss nonetheless. And one with a NOTEPAD. A boss who knows they need to be a little bit more approachable in the way they demand the things they need to have done for them. Being gracious is […]

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Flipped license plate holder

What’s better than one license plate? Two License Plates! Do you already have 2 separate license plates, and you’re tired of constantly switching them like a peasant? Have you ever wanted to play a spy? Do you want a new way to impress your friends? Do you like to be prepared for any high-speed chase […]


No more worrying about “other people’s feelings” or “communicating effectively.” A real girlfriend is nothing but an annoyance. How many times do you have to sneak out to the garage to just get five minutes of peace and quiet?

With all deez holidayz around the corner, isn’t it time you treat yourself to some gold plated grillz for that wonderfully pretty smile of yours? Let’s cut right to the chase: you deserve better. You deserve more. You have earned the prettiest smile in all the land. So how can you achieve that goal? Easy, […]


2020 is going to a magnificent year filled with technological marvels that were unimaginable just a decade ago. Thanks to the internet, and super fast wifi, our planet is now more connected than ever.  Futurists suggest that in just a few short years, we’ll have a global economy, location independent jobs, energy that is not […]

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “You know, I’d like to own an alien one day,” you are about to hit the jackpot: Baby Yoda We proudly introduce you to an alien. We’re not quite sure who he is, or much about his background, so we’re going to speculate here: This little green alien, while […]

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This kit has everything you need to pull pranks, survive in the wilderness & more. Fuel can, matches, logs, fire pit. You’ll have it made. With a kit like this, you’ll have no problems with your first fire.

Are you a purveyor of fine, starchy vegetables, but also have a penchant for gaming? Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling through game sections of websites thinking; “Gosh, if there was only a wonderfully engaging activity that merged both my love of hot potatoes and, secretly, my desire to quite literally shock people with volts […]

Germ-Guards for Fingers

WHAT?! ARE YOU STILL TOUCHING STUFF WITHOUT FINGER COVERS LIKE SOME TWO BIT JABRONI FROM PLANET “I’M INSANE-A-TOPIA?!” You must be out of your barely functioning, rummage sale quality brain if you think touching door handles, ATM buttons or pretty much everything on planet Earth that isn’t the underbelly of a newborn kitten is safe. […]

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the best temporary tattoo printer

What’s the story behind the temporary tattoo printer anyways? Well, it all started like this… Date: Sunday, April 19th  Time: 3:13am Place: Carl’s Ink & Stink The customer walked through the door smelling of a mix of under carbonated light beer and dollar store cigarettes. They remarked “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, AND ME WANTS A […]

woman with inhaler wall sticker

Grandmas are the legendary MVPs of any family.  They are an essential factor in any household.  They can cook, they can clean, they work as an in-house counselor and mediator of any fight that breaks out.  Sometimes, even a personal hitman if their cane is nearby.  Hands down, grandmas are the best. And let’s face […]

portable second screen for laptops

LOOK AT YOU ONLY USING ONE SCREEN LIKE A CHUMP. “Oh, bro, you don’t get it, dude, I’m on my laptop bro, it’s only got one screen man.” GROW-UP, SON. IT’S TIME TO GROW UP. Look, we get it. You went to your corner computer shop, got your cute little single-screen laptop and you were […]


Unicorns are hands down the animal of the moment, in every moment. But, the creature we all have come to know and love may not be so lovable as we think. Little did we know until now, they’re jerks. Their sparkle and mysticality is all just a front. In this Unicorns Are Jerks coloring book the cold, […]

people of walmart coloring book

The People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book is just the thing for that Zen soul-searcher who has tried everything. You’ve attempted to practice meditation, hour after hour of diligently coloring mandalas and then burning them, to remind you of the futility of labor and the importance of the present. You have traced the outlines of […]

customize toilet with vinyl decals

Wake up in the morning. Brew coffee. Drink coffee. Time for a poo break! Take a seat on that plain, white porcelain bowl while you do your business (scrolling Instagram for thirst traps until your legs go numb). Ugh. The morning routine is so monotonous and boring. If only there were something that could spice […]


While we’re on the subject of you: You’ve been a little passive-aggressive lately, which is awesome, like me! Frankly, who doesn’t love passive-aggressive people? Life would be boring without you I guess. Don’t come right out and say what you’re feeling, EVER. Just dance around the topic like you’re some bootleg hip-hop dance from the […]